Watching someone die isn´t as fun as thought…

Though certain videogames make you think the above, it´s not fun at all in reality. Today we saw E3 die. That is, the part that most of us were looking forward to each year, the press conferences of the three console-manufacturer.

Having started last year, E3 has shrunk down and delayed from May to July. When most gamers were disappointed last year, this year makes one look back with fonder memories. Basically, this year was a joke. What remains in memory is the FF13-release for Microsoft´s system and the 1:1-motion-upgrade for Wii…which failed to properly show its use because of the lack of a high profile game, other than “just” Wii Sports Resort.

Personally, i still had the most fun with Nintendo, mostly because at least they concentrated on new games. Which wasn´t that much, but still. Doesn´t mean the competitor of Nintendo didn´t show anything great. Microsoft showed Fallout 3, which looks promising, though unnecessary violence-heavy. Fable 2 looks great. I found Resident Evil 5 disappoiting. Some fans wanted a HD-port of RE4…well, RE5 is exactly that. FF13 is an important achievement for MS´s games library, though i dont care that much about the series. I won´t comment on Sony, really not interested in anything they showed. Oh, and how did that guy you play in Resistance 2 survive it when the big monster threw him like 30 meters through midair? Oh well.

Nintendo´s conference was poisened from the beginning. I blame red-haired witch. Seriously though, “Cammy” looked like one of those overly expressive, modern parents. Like a teacher, buwah! Brought back memories, you know. Listening to Iwata, though, is always interesting. At least as long as you´re thinking “okay, first the boss talks about something revolutionary, then something awsome will be unveiled”. That didn´t happen exactly. Animal Crossing: City Folk was shown, and so far, it looks like a port of the NDS-version with voice-chat and online-item-trading. Really hope there´ll be more changes. Biggest disappointment of this year´s E3. Completely awsome, however, is the MotionPlus-upgrade. I don´t get the complaints of people that say “this should have been there from the beginning”. There´s like two options: Either you´ve played with the Wii for 1,5 years and had fun, OR your missed that 1:1-stuff. Either way, this announcement should make you happy. Personally, this is what i thought Wii Too, Nintendo´s next console, would give us. Thanks god, i don´t have to wait 3-4 years. The end of Nintendo´s show probably was the meanest action of Nintendo ever. Lights turned off, spotlight on, smoke machine on, and the exciting wait begins…to reveal Wii Music to the audience. Seriously, whoever didn´t expect any kind of big adventure-game here was a lucky bastard. Wii Music itself looks fun, rather like a music enjoyment-software than a typical music game. Which is perfectly fine for me. I love Guitar Hero 3, and the songs i like the most are those that i can nearly play blindfolded, without the pressure of highscore and such.

So, conferences are over, and the one big new Nintendo-game is missing. It´s nice from Iwata to tell us that EAD and EAD Tokyo are working on games, but that´s something i´d take for granted. Hopefully, RetroStudios have something breathtaking underway. Anyway, E3 is dead. Now there´s hoping we´ll get to see a lot smaller conferences soon in the future initiated by hardware-manufacturer themselves. At least Nintendo has to do something, as they are not participating in either Games Convention nor Tokio Game Show. See ya soon, Link, Fox McCloud and Captain Falcon…or not.

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