New Nintendo DS Coming – DS Next?

September 28, 2008

Today the rumor of a new version of the Nintendo DS-handheld system was confirmed by the Nikkei-website. So far we got to know that this new edition, let´s call it DS Next, will feature music-support of some kind, better WiFi-connectivity and a built-in camera. All that launching in Japan at the end of 2008. Not yet totally confirmed, but also highly probable and following the same news, it´s said that the DS Next has a larger screen and supports SD cards to exchange data. Keep in mind, though, that these two upgrades haven´t been confirmed, yet.

Being one of those who are still using their old DS Phat, i´m kinda excited about this news. Until we´ll get to know more on October 2nd, where Nintendo´s fall conferencere is going to take place, i actually got THAT excited that i had to think of a possible redesign.

Personally, i´d love a slide-design. The current mechanism is getting old, so bring on something new, Nintendo. Oh well, here are two drafts of my DS Slide-design: