3 hours and 40 minutes until Nintendo´s fall conference

So here i am, waiting for the most promising Nintendo event of the year to take place.

That in itself guarantees me some overdone hype. But what can you do after the disappointment this year´s E³ was? Though, let me be honest with you: I cannot be disappointed. Not anymore, that is. Why, you ask? Well, i guess i turned into a “Hype-Fail-Junkie”. I really did.

Some of you may remember the evening/night-conference (it was late night for me), that wasn´t that known. But after some time of eating up the suckage of the official conference, people started to wake up again. “Wait, there´s another conference? YEAH! HYPE!”. Officially, the conference was about WiiSports Ressort, Animal Crossing Wii and WiiMusic, again, but many hoped there´d be new stuff, like Super Smash Brothers Brawl was announced years before. Reality shows, that we didn´t even get new stuff on the already shown titles. And even the audience-question, if Pikmin 3 is under development, didn´t satisfy much. Could have as well asked, if there was a Starfox-game on the way, and the answer would have been yes, too.

Nonetheless, since waiting hours late in the night, i´m attached to such anticipated disappointment. It´s like…when you don´t have to lose anything anymore, you can get entertainment from like anything. That night, i was entertained by collective disappointment.

Let´s look forward though.

In less than four hours the Japanese fall conference starts. Unlike E³, which is always a gamble, previous fall conferences actually gave the fans something great. Last year, we got the Wiiware-unveiling and Monster Hunter 3. Also Fire Emblem DS, if i remember correctly.

For this year, it seems to be bound that we´ll see the new version of the Nintendo DS (see my previous blog-entry) and a new first-party game (Nintendo hinted at the revival of an old franchise). I guess these alone will make this conference quite interesting. Personally, i hope the mysterious game is not going to Punch-Out. I hate boxing, it´s so stupid, and it´s also no fun as a video game. That´s only me, though. And i would take Punch-Out over a Factor 5-developed Kid Icarus any day. For a wild guess, i´ll say that Starfox Adventures 2, developed by part of the Zelda-team, would be great.

Anyway, i actually wanted to sleep (it´s close to 3 a.m. here), but a damn mosquito keeps flying towards my ears, so i cannot sleep…sigh. Let´s wait, let´s hype, let´s get entertained…in one or another way.

Is that what´s going to happen to us tonight?

Is that what´s going to happen to us tonight?

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