Miyamoto bringing hardcore- and casual-gamers together: New Patent

News is that Nintendo, with a mentioning of Shigeru Miyamoto, patented a new concept of how how games are offered to all kinds of gamers. Unlike nowadays, where you either finish a game or fail at trying to do so, the patent features two new game-modes.  Even more fantastic the patent seems to use the next Zelda-game for Wii as a demonstration for what is going on. So besides the typical “New Game”-mode, where you start from the beginning, there´s a so-called digest-mode, as well as a scene menu-mode.

The digest-mode seemingly can be started from several points within the game and then is like a video-walkthrough. Great thing is that the play can overtake control of this walkthrough at any given time. The scene menu-mode simply appears to be a chapter-oversight, where you can choose from different chapters and enter the game, thus playing from this point on. Both new modes, as it seems, don´t allow the player to save the game. Depending on how long one of these pre-generated chapters is that could be a problem, but let´s not fear for the worst.

Another point made in this patent is a hint-system. If you´re stuck you can press a hint-button and a video is shown in a small ingame-window. This video shows what you have to do.


Now why is this actually really awsome? Because it´d basically allow Nintendo to make a really hard Zelda-game, or at least not dumb down it any further, without alienating either of the, well, two audiences, “hardcores” (sorry, but lol, that term is so misused nowadays, Kohler got the real definition perfect) and casual gamers. Traditional gamers will be able to play the game just like they always did. Less experienced gamers meanwhile can choose from various help-systems, be it little help within the normal-mode, or jumping from chapter to chapter, or, if nothing works, simply watching the game. This is not only something for a Zelda-game, but a great idea that could be used in any game that´s not directly targeted at the mainstream.

And if it wasn´t enough, not only is this concept giving games a broader appeal, but we´ll also be able to kinda play a boss-rush-mode, instead of having to play through the whole game. I still have three occupied saves of Twilight Princess exactly because of the lack of that, one right before the fun boss of the fourth dungeon, then right before the gorgeos dragon-boss of the sky-temple, and last but not least at the very end before facing Ganon. I really missed the option to play those scenes at any time, so, thanks for this patent. Oh, and totally not some news, but somehow the pictures the patent came with remind me of the great art style of Legend of Zelda 1 and 2. Well…just a feeling, haha.

One Response to Miyamoto bringing hardcore- and casual-gamers together: New Patent

  1. wiiconsumer says:

    Yes!!! This is the first proof that shows Nintendo is really brainstorming for the next Zelda. I read another article, but it really didn’t explain it well. I guess you really just have to hear it from a another fan.

    By the way, check out my blog. I have some pretty cool stuff, and am working on a lot of different things (WiiWorld).

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