Marvellous sets Countdown for “secret game”

Japanese developer Marvelous Entertainment put up a website including nothing but a countdown…and a little picture. They´re not the only ones, Sega and CyberConncet also released such a countdown-website. Right now, nothing is known, not even which platform(s) will get that new game.

But i wouldn´t be myself if i didn´t look at even the most ludicrous, non-sense “hints” for my favourite game-series. So there you go (and thanks to wrowa and onipex):


Indeed, how about it? Again: HOW ABOUT IT?!? Though, seriously, it´s definitely not like i´m getting up any kinds of hopes for something like that to happen. But still, outsourcing just the franchises wouldn´t be so out of the realm of possibilities. It would be shocking, but still possible. So how about a “Harvest Moon: Hyrule“?

I´d say both franchises/developers would gain something from that. Be it Marvelous that would get a lot of hype for such a game, or Nintendo that could say “look, here we have something for our beloved hardcore fans”. And honestly, it´d certainly make the concept of Harvest Moon interesting again. I mean…if you take Ocarina of Time, for example, everything´s there…the farm, the town, the mountain. Easy like that. Drop some decent nostalgia here and there, et voilá, millions of Zelda-fans are going to buy that game.

Nonethless, it most likely isn´t happening. So, simply take it: There is a countdown for an unrevealed game. That´s as much news as there is.


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