Sony surpassed Nintendo…in Bizarro World

There are times when you just want to smash your head against a wall until you´re dead. Today is such a time. What´s most baffeling, though, is that users of a certain internet board are actually discussing the subject of matter. A no-name Sony-website released an article about how Sony has surpassed Nintendo as a game developer. But let´s get right into THE BULLSHIT:

Nintendo has been relying on their old franchises for years.  Sony, on the other hand, is constantly coming up with new franchises for their Playstation platforms

The old super crap argument. Let´s put aside all the franchises that Nintendo created this gen alone: New IP doesn´t equal New game. Something especially Sony-fans seem to never ever get. You have, for example, Jak 2, Ratchet and Clank, and Sly the Racoon. Guess what, all of those play almost the same. Now, take the last two Mario-games. The difference is earth shattering. I can only repeat myself one more time, but: I want NEW GAMES. I don´t want old concepts with swapped setting palette.

Sony is better than Nintendo when working with smaller development studios. Their partnership with Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet), helped create one of the best franchises in recent years for Sony. Oddly enough, Nintendo also had a shot with Media Molecule before Sony snatched them up.

How arrogant can you get? This is assuming that LBP IS a game that´s above anything else. And it´s not. Looking back at how unresponsive the controls of LBP were, it´s not surprising that Nintendo didn´t want to publish Media Mocules game. This is Nintendo, the company that had perfect 2D-platformer controls even back then in the first Mario-game for NES. As for the first sentence: It´s called money-hatting. Nintendo doesn´t do that and it´s the right way. Developers should develop for a system because they want to, not because they get the most money from another company.

So while Nintendo is stuck developing Nintendo Wii games that look the same as Nintendo Gamecube titles

Not true AND Game Cube-games look still awsome.

Leaving aside other atrocious bold statements in the above article, Nintendo is unsurpassed by anyone. There are fanboy on every system´s side, but only Sony-fans willingly hype games like Heavy Rain, that are hardly games anymore, but movies. By following the path towards movies, Sony will never surpass Nintendo, Blizzard or Valve. And Shadow of the Colossus sucks, that had to be said.


3 Responses to Sony surpassed Nintendo…in Bizarro World

  1. cumembert says:

    “And Shadow of the Colossus sucks, that had to be said.”

    get pregnant plz

  2. James says:

    While I actually agree with you on several points, towards the end you just sound like a drooling fanboy. Nintendo really doesn’t work well with third party developers. Media Molecule is a terrible example of that, but Nintendo has sabotaged the success of games on their own console that were third-party. Nintendo put no weight behind No More Heroes. They’re rejecting requests for a US Fatal Frame 4, which is a game the Wii desperately need since most of the Wii titles are shovelware and Minigames. That’s not playing well with others.

    As a final note, no, Sony hasn’t passed Valve or Nintendo. But Blizzard? Really? They’ve not made a good game for 10 years! Warcraft III was [i]alright[/i], but not really a crowned jewel. World of Warcraft is just pure shit.

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