Why gaming sucks these days – kind of obvious

Of course they don´t suck, at least not all of them.But…i can´t help but say that the “spirit” behind most of today´s games suck. And why? Because they are neglecting the obvious.

This “obivious” being settings or gameplay ideas that every gamer would love, but somehow no developer gets it done, because it´s easier and cheaper to make another first person shooter or generic jrpg. Right now, “Alien vs. Predator” is running on TV. Don´t have to remind me of how shitty that movie is, but fact is: A modern Alien vs. Predator-game would pwn, and i am using inet-slang intentionally here, every other game so far released in all of gaming´s history. I mean, AvP2 for PC was already great. Now give me a fleshed out version that is on par with nowaday´s standards.

Or, for another example, WHY did it take that long for a Ghostbusters game? Unfortunately, the game isn´t based on the great cartoon series, but the movies. That´s good enough, though. But why now? Ghostbusters was popular ten years ago, now it isn´t (not that i get why it isn´t popular anymore and why animation and hollywood studios stopped producing the cartoon and movies). Whatever, this was a long overdue, OBVIOUS game idea.

As for other obvious game ideas, where´s my flying game that makes me feel the wind while flying like Superman? Where´s my GTA4-style Batman-game? A Ducktales-RPG? A fleshed out Jurassic Park-game, replacing crappy movie-sequels? Obvious, obvious, obvious!

Instead of these, our current gaming industry revolves around single, unique games being released, then followed by tons of lame copy cats. Don´t give gamers what they want today – they don´t know that. Give them what they wanted ten years in the past. More Ghostbusters.

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