Movie-games – A different take

This is not about games that come hand in hand with a hollywood-movie or overly cinematic games. I want to talk about a different take on games, basically cutting them in lenght…on purpose.

Most games are finished once and then put away. A handful of games manage to save some replay-value, but most of this kind only succeed in doing so because the individual gamer wants to play it again. Now imagine a game that has an insane amount of replay-value, and not only for those who fell in love with the game, but everyone. The 2-hour-game.

At the start of the game you know that it will all be over after two hours. No matter what you do, two hours is the limit. What´s special is that within these two hours you can do like anything you want. And after finishing the game once, you can start it again and to something completely different. Normally, this would be impossible in terms of development costs, but that´s why the game time is limited to two hours, so that developers can concentrate on tight content rather than creating a ten hour-storyline.

I always imagine a game where you´re a soldier, lying behind some barricade with your team mates. 20 meters in front of you is an enemy soldier unit. You and them, both factions are in a stall, nobody is sure what to do. That is where the game starts, putting the gamer into the role of one of the soldiers. From there on you have many options. Try attacking the enemy. Try doing it stealthy and secretly approach the enemy from behind. Raise a flag and initiate a conversation with the enemy to discuss a peaceful retreat of both sides. Or kill your team mates and try to befriend the enemy. Or simply hide in some hideout and wait two hours for reinforcements to arrive. And, of course, in all that time you can die, as well.

Simply put, these would be games that put the gamer into very distinctive situations that can develop in every imaginable way, depending on the player´s actions. Thanks to the narrowed down time frame, these would be extremely high detailed games, featuring elements of many genres, again depending on what you want to do.

I´m not saying that all games should become like that, all i want to say that it´d be neat if some developers gave something like that a try, delivering a movie-like experience while staying true to the video game-media all the time.


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