Why E3 2009 has to be big for Nintendo

There seems to be a big negativity hanging over Nintendo´s upcoming E³-press conference. Admittedly, looking at the 2008-conference, it´s understandable. Giving that matter a more logic approach though (and a bit more positive than negative, alright), points towards the complete opposite. Here´s why:

There is one big reason, and i´d like every gamer to seriously put that into his mind: In the whole of 2009, Nintendo has only released ONE game…at all! That game being ExciteBots. From what we know, there´s Another Code coming, and also PunchOut and WiiSports Ressort. E³ is in June, the middle of the year, and we have no idea what (or if something) else is coming. Now, would Nintendo, according to many gamer´s expectation, announce new “hardcore-games” as late as in October, the tenth month of they year, that would mean that there had only four games been released in a whole year, leaving no place for a high profile-adventure-game like Zelda, which wouldn´t be announced only one month before its release. Not even by Nintendo´s new information-policy standards.

I myself would be in complete disbelief if Nintendo only released four such “small” games in a whole year, that´s why i´m pretty sure and positive that this year´s E³ is going to be big. And even if someone might say “four games a year is more than enough” (lol), let´s add that none of these four mentioned games comes even close to the epic-adventure-appeal of Zelda, Metroid, or even Mario.

Maybe, to make the whole matter even more apparent, it has to be mentioned that not even the GameCube ever had a software-year as bad as the Wii´s year 2009 would be, were it only the above mentioned titles. A bit of positivism combined with ice-cold logic should be legit, i´d say.

One last thing i´d like to add is that despite the marketing-focus on “casual” games, this ominous “Nintendo only makes games for girls and grandpas anymore!” is just plain wrong. Nintendo is still creating a lot more normal games than training software. And to add a little fact to this argument: The relative flop of WiiMusic might also have taken its effect onto how Nintendo treats its system´s software-policy.

As always, there will always be disappointments to some extent, because deep down, everyone of us has too big expectations. But there´s no reason to act as if Nintendo has no chance at all for a great E³-showing, no, it´s even likely that we´ll get some really awsome stuff.

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