How i met your mother

I´m quite busy at the moment, having to learn all the geo science stuff and going out there, examining rocks and what not. Anyway, today i´m free and i would love to play a game. But i can´t find anything i like.

The last 3 hours i wanted to start playing something, but instead…i watched episodes of How i met your mother.

It´s not that i´m not into gaming anymore. It´s just that i´ve become incdredibly picky. And i don´t dislike that, to be honest. When i read about how people get excited abot yet another war-game (Modern Warfare 2) or action-game (Infamous). i can´t help but think “meh, already been there, done that“. And that´s true for most games.

I´m not saying that it´s wrong for “you” to like such games, but i myself cannot find any enjoyment in such limited experiences anymore.

What i´m waiting for a big, complex, immersive game-experiences. Games where i don´t have one objective that i have to clear in the next few minutes, but games where i can sink into and “feel” them. My biggest hopes in these terms are, and if you read my blog you know it, Endless Ocean 2 and Mass Effect 2. Those aren´t just games anymore, those are experiences that give me personal enjoyment instead of “gamey” challenge. One of those two won´t be released before 2010, though, and even if, two games are a pathetic number of games to look forward to.

So what else is on its way that could make me happy? My biggest hopes on that matter are the next RetroStudios-games and the next Wii-Zelda. Also, maybe Peter Molyneux comes up with some epic 360-adventure…why not revive BC?

At this moment, i´m already that burnt out that i consider buying the Pokemon Gold/Silver-remake for NDS…oh, and HELL YEAH, Barney, finally you get to bang Robin!

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