New Team ICO-game revealed: Bracat

Sony “leaked” a one year old trailer of Project Trico, Team ICO´s next game after ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. From what you can see they´re returning to the roots and give a more ICO-related experience: You´re controlling yet again a little boy who travels within ruins, only this time you are helped by a little giant monster-thingy. Well, it looks like a mixture of a cat, rat and bird, thus let´s call it the Bracat.


Personally, i still can´t forgive silly Sony-fans for having ignored ICO back when it was released and only first paying attention once they forced SotC into a so-called “Zelda-killer”. I´m looking forward to Project Trico, but it would be easier without an army of stupid fanboys hyping a little adventure-game into some epic legend.

Oh, and because we´re so close to E³, here´s paranoia-time: Sony intentionally leaked the trailer because they got hold of some info of the new Zelda being revealed at E³, that coincidentially features a similiar element as Project Trico; thus Sony tried to come in first. Not that it´s highly likely, just wanted to get a little paranoia-speculation out there.

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