It´s E³, guys, cheer up!

Seriously, it´s saddening how there´s a lot of negativity circling around this year´s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Especially in regards of Nintendo´s showing, or how many would say, “non-showing”.

The last two years of E³ have been bad, sure. But that´s it, just two years, when we had so many awsome years. Considering how last year´s was affected by that silly “shrinking E³ down”-thing, it shouldn´t be that ultimate proving of what we´ll get in the future. And we all know that this year´s E³ is supposed to be a “big” E³ again.

I guess i can´t persuade anyone who simply doesn´t want to have fun going into full E³-hype, but you know what: Building up enormous wishes, dreams and expectations and then being disappointed to some agree ALWAYS was part of the whole E³-event. And i doubt it´ll be as disappointing as last year, take a look at my respective blog-article on that matter.

So, be reasonable or just turn back into your good ol´times-mode. I´ll start by watching this video:

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