The Legend of Zelda for Wii – First Artwork and hints

Wow, what a day. When we got to hear from those that attended the Miyamoto roundtable at E³, it was said that this artwork of The Legend of Zelda Wii isn´t for the public. Well, now it´s on Nintendo´s press server, ready to be shown. Here it is:


So let´s interpret the painting a bit. Link does indeed look older, but just a bit. He doesn´t look as angsty as on those Twilight Princess-artworks, and the whole visual style looks more saturated. As Miyamoto kept pressing to say in an interview with IGN, Link is not holding a sword. Which brings us to the weird girl in front of him: Go look for a picture of the master sword and you´ll find out that the resemblence is uncanny. This girl is the master sword come to live, or she´s got another deep connection to the famous sword.

Going back to Miyamoto´s comment, this seems like an interesting way to keep Link away from his sword, at least from time to time. Just have the girl run away or get taken away, and Link has no sword. And Link without a sword…well, that´s bound to be a strange, new experience. That having said, i hope this is not the whole feature of the new Zelda-game. Just taking away the sword makes not that much of an overall gameplay-experience. And then i hope the final game´s visuals resemble those of this painting more than Twilight Princess and its artwork did.

UPDATE: Some more crazy speculation now that i realized that there are rocks at the sides of the painting: The girl is indeed the living master word, and Link has to bring her back to the place where she was made (the middle of the painting looks like a hot place, maybe lava, volcano?), either to rescue “her”, or to throw her in the lava, Lord of the Rings-style to save someone/something.


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