Project Natal – The next Revolution in gaming questionmark

There´s a lot of talk about motion controls sind E³ 2009. Of course, now that waggle has become cool. Microsoft ist very confident in Project Natal, that new kind of camera that can track movements, even in depth. There´s also quite some fan-following that hype themselves about the “endless possibilities” of Project Natal. But here am i and ask: What possibilities?

I often hear the argument that Natal has the advantage of not needing a controller, when compared to the Wii. Well, excuse me, but that´s exactly what made the Wiimote better than Eyetoy: You had something solid in your hands. Waving throught nothing but air WITH nothing but air doesn´t feel good. But that´s not even the biggest problem.

The Wiimote, with MotionPlus, can detect even smallest movements. And it has the pointer. When it comes to tracking movement, i´m not sold yet on Natal, because as seen in the E³-conference presentation, the player had to make big waves with his hand to go through the X360-menu. If you have to do such big movements for all kinds of functions, it´s going to be tiring and annoying soon. ALSO: What made most “hardcore”-games on the Wii so great is the pointer. RE4 Wii, Call of Duty, House of the Dead, Metroid Prime, bow-shooting in Zelda, etc..

What remains is a camera that can detect bigger movements and…that´s it.

Don´t get me wrong, though, i´m super excited about Milo. Milo-software integrated in future games as a communication-feature, maybe especially for RPGs, would be a revolution in gaming. But for now, not even Milo is ready to go, let alone big epic games that include it as a gameplay feature.

All of the above leads me to believe that we´ll see a lot of EyeToy-minigames and sportsgames with annyong full-body controls. Remember how the Wiimote was, and is, trolled for the player having to move so much? Well, Project Natal takes that even further and you can´t even sit on the couch when playing certain games.


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