So what about Half Life 3?

Half Life 1 was about Gordon Freeman fleeing from his work place and fighting lots of enemies. At the end, “that guy” recruited him.

Half Life 2 was about Gordon Freeman fighting some aliens that had overtaken the earth. At the end, “that guy” praised him and said, he, Gordon Freeman, had successfully finished that test.

So, here we are. What i want to ask: If fighting an alien invasion of earth is only a test, WHAT exactly will be the real thing? I really can´t think of how Half Life 3 is going to impress us. What me and some friends instantly imagined was Gordon Freeman visiting an alien world, but honestly, that´d be kind of lame. And the Half Life-games were always so awesome because of featuring a great realistic environment. Crazy alien worlds wouldn´t fit the franchise in my opinion.

I have absolutely no idea, so that´s why i ask you: What do you think Half Life 3 will be about? Both in setting and story.


2 Responses to So what about Half Life 3?

  1. Anonymous says:

    since there’s a huge gap between half life 1 & 2, the guys working at valve could make about any world they want. they’ve made a game that they can mold and put into any era of their choosing.

    and i hate to say it, but it might take a couple years, as they’re probably working on Half – Life 2: Episode 3

    “some guy” is referred to commonly as G-man

  2. quickhakker says:

    i bet there’s going to be a new half life hl3 and a new team fortress tf3 when a new source engine is out

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