The Limitation of today´s games

There are people that are totally happy with today´s gaming world, but there are also guys like me that aren´t happy about nowaday´s offerings. All in all, i think there are two kinds of gamers. Those that play to kill time, and those that want to experience something.

The first kind of gamers is totally happy with the games we have. They hop in, play a game, finish it, and take on the next challenge. The second kind, though, can barely find anything that satisfies their needs. An experience can only come from a consistent game world, but such games are rare. We play Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout 3 or Zelda, but that´s it then.

What the above games have in common is that they try to create a believable game world. Not only in terms of visual appearance, but also in terms of interactions. Which brings us to the kind of games that puts the majority of today´s games:

Assasin´s Creed has an incredibly well done world, but your interaction possibilities are extremely limited. Jump, run and kill. You cannot talk to people, you cannot buy stuff at the market, you cannot do anything outside of the actions the developers thought of. Or Mirror´s Edge, where you have great movements from first person, but that´s all. Not coherent world to explore and such. We can then go over to GTA4, which offers a great realisitc town…but has the same problems as Assasin´s Crred.

The overall problem is that most games limit themselves to very specific ranges of actions. One allows for great movements, others for great interaction, others for deep conversations. For what they are, they offer great fun for the kind of gamer that just starts a game to entertain himself.

The second kind of gamer, though, wants it all in one. Let´s get it over with the biggest counter point to this: Costs. Sure, to offer all at once is more costly, but isn´t the result worth it? I´m on my 7th playthrough of Mass Effect, all thanks to the sheer amount of options i have. My most wanted is Alpha Protocol that will allow even more possible actions, be actual action or conversation.

Overall, i feel like we´re stuck at a certain level, where games will remain the same until we start combining them into something greater. If it´s too cost-intensive, then maybe some time in the future we´ll work something out. In the end, i´m glad that there is a very small amount of dedicated developers that tries to create games that have it all. But it´s unfortunate that you have to wait years for games like those to be released. At least i hope that those who are happy with this console generation can now understand a little better why not everyone is feeling the same.


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