Think about this for a second [oh Sony-fans]

When the Wiimote was revealed and finally released, the biggest criticism from trolls was that you have to make such big movements.

Now, the main advantage of Saggle (Sony waggle) over Nintendo´s Wiimote is (and it is Sony´s fans who claim that) that the whole device can detect the controller´s position in 3d space (which the Wiimote is also capable of, though with another approach). So, with the Saggle, the player can now run around the whole room and enjoy hardcore games while being in full movement. AWSOME, eh? I´m sure Gerstmann will be all over Sony´s “superior” motion controls.

On a sidenote, guess what the Wiimote´s biggest advantage over Saggle is? It is independent from another device. You can sit in whatever position you want, even be in another room, and the motion controls will stil work fine. That´s called accessability. No need for being within the radius of a camera. But oh well, now that motion controls are cool, Sony-fans have to hype up the “true 1:1 controls“. As if there was need for those fans to embarrass themselves even more.

PS: Yes, this is a rant, because all those phonies…i can´t stand such attitudes. Dear Sony-fans, be honest and ignore those motion controls…you hated it when it was Wii-only, didn´t you.

5 Responses to Think about this for a second [oh Sony-fans]

  1. FlameRecon says:

    There’s so much fail in your rant I don’t know where to begin. Seriously man, lay off the fanboyism you have for the Wii and Nintendo in general for a minute and open your eyes a bit.

    Some of the “Sony-fans” as you like say don’t even embrace motion controls and hated the motion control portion of Sony’s E3 conference. Some are excited because they’ll have an opportunity to play with waggle with high definition graphics. Believe it or not, there are gamers that aren’t too enthused with the Wii’s graphical output. Moreover:

    “You can sit in whatever position you want, even be in another room, and the motion controls will stil work fine.”

    Funny you say that because the PSwand still works even out of range of the PSEye. Proof of that was even shown at E3!

    You say you can’t stand phonies? You may want to look in a mirror because you pretend to be objective when it comes to Nintendo when it’s the complete opposite. You’re no better than the fanboys you call out.

    • mfauli says:

      If the Saggle works without the camera, then that´s fine, but then it loses it´s biggest advantage, eh? Ya know, detecting your position in room and all that. Whatever 🙂 And i never stated to be objective, please read the character profiles on FlyingFisch for that. The article is based on the NeoGAF-board, which is full of said phonies. If there´s a major anti-saggle-movement somewhere else, i´d love to get a link. On NeoGAF, though, motion controls became cool the morning Sony announced it. And that´s okay? Oh well…

  2. J says:

    Are you 5 years old?

    • mfauli says:

      I´m publishing this comment, because i keep hearing it. Is this simple a fanboy-reaction, because i criticised “your” system, or is there something wrong with my English? If so, please point it out. I want to improve so i´d love to get an answer. Thanks.

  3. free wii says:

    wii over sony any day!

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