The Mystery that is Zelda Wii

If you follow this blog you know that i love to talk about The Legend of Zelda. A thought here, an idea there, and so on. What i haven´t talked about, yet, though, is what the upcoming Zelda Wii actually will be about. Haha, not that i know about that, but you can always speculate about the sequel within a famous series. And in this case it´s even more interesting when you pick a certain aspect of this yet-to-be-revealed Zelda-game. We got that one artwork from Miyamoto himself, which let us greatly discuss the possible story/mission of that new Zelda-game. We also all know of the Wii´s controls; lately got WiiSport Resorts, which made most of us wish for a Zelda-game to use its sword- and bow-controls. All of that is moot, though, if one piece sucks: The setting.

You could also call it “game world”, but basically: The place we as players will be able to visit, see and explore.

I cannot speak for everyone, but i´m at least sure that many will agree with me when i say: The world is the most important part of a Zelda-game. Take away an interesting location to explore and all that´s left is a combat system, a sub-par story and…uh, nothing. Basically, for all the other features to be able to shine, there has to be a motivating, interesting place to dive into.

It´s so important to talk about this now, because if you take a look back (haha, great self-reference to my last blog entry) to past Zelda-games, if anything stands out, it´s the series´ diversity in terms of game worlds/locations (I´ll leave out the pre-3D-titles, simply because coming from 2D to 3D makes even the very same location interesting. But it´s harder when you´re already within 3D. Though i´d like to mention Link´s Awakening and it´s island-world). First we had Ocarina of Time, which featured the classic Hyrule, some call it a 3D-remake of A Link to the Past. Next we got Majora´s Mask, an entry that featured both a drastic new world-layout AND had the lively time table. Few years further and we have The Wind Waker. No need to say how the game´s world is totally different and new again, and not only in terms of visual impact, but also how free you as a player are to go wherever you want without any load times. Which brings us to the latest home console-Zelda, Twilight Princess. It didn´t do anything new, but many would say that it perfected the classic Hyrule-layout.

This is where the discussion starts. What game world will we see in Zelda Wii? Personally, i´m totally unsure. I´m sure there are a lot of fans out there that know exactly what they´d like to see, but i don´t know. Sure, i published a little theory where Link would travel below surface to reach Ganon´s hell prison, but that´s more of a story-theory, without exact thoughts of how exactly the game world would look like. Which brings us to the mentioning of how the next Zelda-game will look like. Simply talking about its visual style. Realistic 3D, cartoon 3D, realistic toon-shading, or the “cartoon toon-shading” from TWW again? No idea. But it surely will have its impact on the game world, making exploration more or less appealing.

Again, what kind of setting will Nintendo choose? I´m one of those guys that´s sick of the traditional Zelda-structure, so imagining yet another Hyrule is about as boring as it can get. Looking back to past Zelda-games, we had the classic Hyrule, in two versions, we have Waterworld-Zelda, we have crazy-captured-in-time-Zelda. What´s next? Running around on another Hyrule field just sounds, again, boring. Why would we need that? I know, “just wait and see”, but as a big fan of the series i can´t help but feel concerend about the simple question “will i like this new Zelda-game?“. When i see Miyamoto revealing it at E³ 2010, showing Link on Epona, riding around Hyrule Field, meeting the princess and entering a new forest dungeon, my “Meh-face” is that big. The Wii might be about controls, but controls alone don´t make an interesting games. Then again it´s Nintendo that knows this best. Still, i hope for a surprising, stunning, epic new game world to explore in Zelda Wii. One idea i had for a long time was, well…we started on land in Ocarina of Time, we travelled the sea in The Wind Waker…how about entering the next stage? In other words: A sky world (don´t you dare calling the sky temple in TP covering that concept already!). Hovering Islands high in the air, various items that allow Link to fly, awsome air battles, not even talking about how great it could look. Yeah, if i had to decide, Zelda Wii would take place in the sky.

Help solving the mystery: What kind of setting would you love to explore in the new Zelda-game for Wii?

fg2finalFloating islands are the best

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