“The Last Story” – Nintendo´s newest trademark

So Siliconera reported that Nintendo registered a new trademark, called “The Last Story“. Like anything Nintendo does, this new little piece of information pass by untalked. Before I go into full-speculation-mode, I´d like to point out that this could be litterally anything. From a Wii-game, a Nintendo DS-game, a Wii-channel, to even some completely new product. We don´t know any of that. But we can do one thing: Let “the right side of our brain run wild“.


When first hearing this title, the last story, it carries a certain epic feeling that makes you think about some kind of adventure-game. So, there´s certainly a chance that this turns out to be some great new action-adventure franchise. Maybe the first Western RPG from Nintendo themselves?

Chances are, too, that it´s the subtitle for an existing franchise. “The Legend of Zelda: The Last Story” doesn´t sound so bad. Or “Mario and Luigi: The Last Story”. It probably won´t be for Fire Emblem, doesn´t really fit the past subtitles of this series. Or it is simply the subtitle for Metroid: Other M. “Other M” is a bad title, anyways, and depending on what´s going on in Other M´s story, “The Last Story” could fit, especially if it´s about killing the last Metroids or something like that…or Samus Aran dying.

The third, and my last, theory is, that this is going to be an interactive story-book for the Nintendo DS. That would fit right into Nintendo´s casual programm, though, depending on how much effort is put into, could make gamers happy as well. I came to this idea, because when i read “The Last Story”, it could imply that you´ll never need another story again. So that´s where the interactive story-idea stems from. There´s lots of creativity going on on the NDS at the moment, with Scribblenauts right around the corner. And a real interactive story is something yet to be seen. There are books that let you make choices, where you jump from page to page, but getting this into video game form is something else. I´m sorry if I come off being too visionary, but again, depending on how much effort is put into such a concept, this could mark the beginning of a whole new entertainment world. Of course, something like that is just an out-of-the-box thought that has little chance of becoming reality.

Whatever this trademark turns out to be, chances are good that we´ll get to know about it at the beginning of October. There won´t be an American Business Media Summit this year, but Nintendo´s going to attend the Kyoto Cmet fair. I also heard word about a European Business Media Summit happening. I´m not sure about that info i got, though. Then again, we Europeans got quite some games that were never released in the USA, so maybe it just shows the bigger importance of the European market these days. I´d love to publish my personal full-blown expectations of Nintendo´s October conference 2009, but until there´s confirmation of anything like that happening, I´ll hold off. Have fun talking about The Last Story.


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