District 9 – A Special Moment


Just came back from the theater. I tried to see this film for many days, but now it finally happened. I saw District 9. The movie was produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Neill Blomkamp. Thank you two, so much.

The reason why District 9 is that special is because it does so many things that other movies never dared to do. And it is what i wished for a very long time. I´m talking about perfectly blending realistic and fantastic content into one great mix. Many movies tried doing this, one of my favourite examples is the first half of Hancock. Most, if not all, movies fail, though. They ultimately come off as either too realistic or too fantastic. Take I am Legend as an example for the former and Transformers as one for the latter. District 9 manages to do both at the same time.

On the one hand, we have the whole fantastic setting. Aliens! Aliens on earth. We have those alien weapons and the strange look of the aliens. On the other hand, we are shown a believable handling of the whole situation. We are shown aliens that aren´t evil monsters or wise visitors…they´re just aliens in terms of origin, but they behave like…like us.

The most important positive about District 9, though, is that the movie isn´t afraid of enjoying itself. Or should i say Neill Blomkamp wasn´t afraid to have fun. This is just a personal opinion, but I highly doubt that ANY other film maker would have dared to to a film like District 9. As mentioned above, it would have become either a complete realistic, “deep” movie, or the director would have gone all out for a Star Wars-like fantasy-story. District 9 dares to be both. Giving a realistic setting and situation, but showing action that is pure fun to watch…and never turning the movie into generic fantasy-stuff.

Now, why am I talking about a movie on a gaming blog? Well, because that´s part of why this movie was that good. It felt like a game story, a story that has to constantly motivate the player. I´m not going to spoil anything in detail, but this movie does stuff that any scifi-game-fan or even anime-fan would love to see. And STILL it manages to come off as a believable movie overall. I´m kind of sad that we have only this movie at the moment. Hopefully there will be more. I´d love a video game, heck, a TV-series. At least, a sequel seems highly likely. But that will take time. In the meanwhile, I´m bound to rewatch this movie, buy it instantly once it reaches the DVD-shelfs. And after all is said, I can but recommend this movie to you from the bottom of my heart. Some people said that this movie is a revolution like once Terminator 2 or The Matrix. Others said that it isn´t. I have to agree with both groups. No, District 9 doesn´t change the movie-industry. But it is a, if not a revolution, a special film that takes influence on your mind, on your thoughts. It´s the message of the film that´s just so strong, that it makes me feel sad even though it´s not really the stuff that happens in the movie that makes me sad. District 9 shows the worst side of humanity, but it isn´t overdoing that picture. And that´s what´s the saddest thing about it all. So let me end this blog entry by saying this: Should we come in contact with aliens once…don´t be a stupid asshole. Thanks.


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  1. cumembert says:

    ist mir zu pseudo-sozialkritisch

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