Be or not to be – Nintendo´s October Conference 2009

Just two days ago, Denise Kagler, Nintendo´s vice president of corporate affairs, announced that there wouldn´t be an American Business Media Summit this year. Meanwhile, the European event already happened, though focused on WiiWare and DSiWare exclusively. Then there´s the next event, the Tokyo Game Show 09, though, of course, Nintendo won´t attend it. That leaves us with two possible opportunities. One is the Kyoto Cmet, the other one is a rumored Nintendo-event beforehand the TGS. At this point, noone knows if there is any kind of big announcements-event at all.

But it would be disappointing if there wasn´t. After all, the last years brought us Monster Hunter 3, Punch-Out, the NDSi, Sin and Punishment 2 or Endless Ocean 2. Some people have speculated how there´s still a lot of unreleased titles, so that another event isn´t necessary. Though, if you look at the games, the only two games with chances for a western release are Sin and Punishment 2 and Endless Ocean 2. Then there´s Super Mario Galaxy 2 at the end of 2010 and an out-sourced Metroid-game. That can´t be all, both because it´d be too few games and because Nintendo has much bigger ressources than that. Still, keep in mind that nothing´s for sure at the moment and it´s all just speculation.

Some popular rumors say that a Wii-price cut is coming. There are certain advertisings showing a 199,99$ price tag, though it´s unsure if those are real. Nintendo already denied those rumors, but if they had a conference before October, it´d be a good opportunity to announce it now, for Ocotober 1st. Beating the competition isn´t that much of a reason for a price cut as that´s still happening. But to reach Nintendo´s own goals for the fiscal year, lowering the price would be necessary. And it´d be an event-worthy announcement. Of course, being a Japanese event, it´d be the equivalent of a 50$-drop, and later on being announced by NoA.

What´s most important for gamers, though, are the games. A totally un-sourced rumor said that a Zelda Wii-trailer would be shown at Nintendo´s 2009 event. Even though the rumor is probably completely made-up, I could imagine Nintendo doing that. Two or three big announcements are within the realm of reality, so such a trailer combined with the price cut-announcement…why not. As for smaller games, I could also see a new StarFox-game or the long-rumored Kid Icarus-game. On the Nintendo DS-side, a big announcement could be Super Smash Bros. DS, which is long overdue.

Now, my personal crazy-prediction is that Nintendo will announce a completely new hardware. Or at least start talk about it. I´m not talking about some Wii-add on like the Zapper, no, a totally new device. And a portable one. Nintendo´s goal with the Wii was to intrude everyone´s everyday-life, and they did that by having fitness-software, an Internet-channel, a news-channel, a weather-channel, or even channels to see the TV-programme and order food (Japan-exclusive). Nintendo made the Wii a system you can use for various reasons besides gaming. Not so much the Nintendo DS. While you can buy certain software like Cooking Mama, the NDS is a very limited device. Gaming and basic music-player features, that´s it. Even though the NDS has more features than just gaming, using the non-gaming features isn´t that comfortable. That´s why I think that Nintendo could announce a Game Boy-successor in the vein of the Sony PSP. Or a fully backwards-compatible NDS-successor. I´d imagine it to be more powerful for at least PSP-quality-like games and, even more important, to feature channels like the Wii. Think of a PMP, a portable multimedia player, that let´s you play games, watch videos, listen to music, but also features internet browsing, GPS, and the specific services of Nintendo´s channel-concept. Add in a camera and it´s perfect. Maybe even, though that´s going a bit too far, including a mobile phone-feature. Whatever else, I think Nintendo has yet to conquer the everyday-life that is NOT in front of the TV at home. And the NDS won´t be the system to achieve that.

After all is said, let´s hope that Nintendo will announce anything at all. They didn´t promise anything, but of course they set up expectations over the last few years. Nintendo, do it now!

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  1. JimmyBean says:

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    A definite great read..Jim Bean

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