Silent now or silent forever?


It seems there´s going to be a Nintendo retail meeting on October 8th or 10th in Japan. From what is known, that´s just the monthly retail meeting, BUT it has to be mentioned that back then in 2007, the situation wasn´t that different. A Nintendo-event had been announced few days prior to its occurrence, and after making fun of it initially, we got some of the greatest announcements from it. Remembering the discussions then, it was like “whoa, wait, Nintendo actually delivered?!” and such.

Noone should expect anything from this event, that appears to be the only thing even closely similar to what could be called an “announcement event”, but…either it´s this meeting, or nothing at all. Nintendo´s known for surprising everyone, but that goes for both negative and positive surprises. Let´s keep a glimmer of hope for this early October-meeting, but don´t build up expectations…just remember that we´ll be getting Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearer, Tales of Symphonia 2 and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories in the remainder of this year alone. Though, should Nintendo try to keep gamers satisfied in 2010 with Super Mario Galaxy and an out-sourced Metroid-game alone, they´ll be in for some harsh words. And manly tears.


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