Epic Mickey – Bring back childhood memories


Few days ago it was finally revealed which platform Epic Mickey will be released for. It´s going to be a Wii-exclusive title. The game produced by Warren Spector, his team and Disney Interactive brings up a lot of hopes. The story of the game is as follows: Oswald the Rabbit wants revenge. Revenge for having been forgotten, while Mickey Mouse conquered the hearts of all of us all over the world. To achieve his plans he hires the Phantom Blot, who is supposed to erase all Disney-worlds. It is Mickey´s job to bring back peace to the world.


First gameplay bits tell that you will use the Wiimote pointer for drawing and scribbling your way through various levels, repairing broken bridges by using the right color or looking through walls by using a thinner on them. Mickey´s design is supposed to be quite classic, that´s why his face hasn´t been shown so far.


What got me hyped most personally, is the fact that the Phantom Blot (or “Schwarzes Phantom” in German) is part of the game. Remembering old stories I read as a kid, the Phantom Blot was often part of the more serious, more exciting stories of the Disney-portfolio. And who know´s what other classic Disney-characters might make an appearance in this game. All those details about Epic Mickey got me motivated to restart my Disney-fan engines. First thing I did after the above announcement was to grab one of my over 200 “Lustige Taschenbücher” and read it. And I think I´ll re-read them all. Also ordered the Don Rosa-book that features the whole Dagobert Duck (in English: Scrooge McDuck)-Story. Fun times ahead. AND to top it all, I consider getting back into collecting the remaining “Lustige Taschenbücher” that I´m missing. Thanks, Warren Spector, for getting me back into Disney (and thus losing a lot of money 😦 )

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