GameBoy – From kiddy to classic

The Nintendo DS is super popular and Nintendo´d be crazy not to evolve this concept when it comes to their next handheld. Still, when I wrote the Pokémon-article, I couldn´t help but think: Damn, the GameBoy Pocket looks so hot!


My first GameBoy was a big one, yellow colored. German Nintendo PR called it “Banana Joe“. I loved it so much, my first very own gaming system…until one of my brothers stepped on it, on the screen, aaand it was over. But it was around the time when the GameBoy Pocket got released. I believe i got it as a Christmas-present, and it was awesome. So small, so sleek, and the screen was so much better. And only two little batteries instead of four of the bigger ones. It also had this great plastic case. Even when the GameBoy Color came out and one or two friends showed them off, I didn´t feel envious, as the GameBoy Pocket still looked better.

Of course, Nintendo dropped the GameBoy-franchise. The Nintendo DS proved to be a gigantic success, and Nintendo surely was glad to get away from this rather childish brand name. After all, “GameBoy” sounded both kiddy AND, by pure definition of its name, targeted boys rather than girls, or simply, everyone. The NDS is a much better allround-solution.

But these days, whenever I think of this great handheld, I think of it more off “classic” rather than “kiddy”. “GameBoy” is a classic video game-franchise, a brand name, everyone knew (most likely still knows). And the design of the GameBoy Pocket is something that many of today´s PMPs seem to mimic, of course not on purpose, but they´re still looking similar. To make it short: A revival of the GameBoy-brand would be one of the greatest things ever to be happening in the near future. Nintendo could even use it as a specific model-branding rather than a whole new machine. I.e. released a Nintendo DS 2, and release a more pompous version called “GameBoy DS”. While the NDS 2 would be a close follow-up of the current NDS, the GameBoy DS could offer a lot of multimedia-features as well as more hardware power and other stuff that the masses of the mainstream do not necessarily need to have.

At the end of the day, all I want is a handheld as great looking as the GameBoy Pocket, featuring all the modern features.


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