Spirit Track´s Non-hype and the Legacy of Ocarina of Time


Just throwing out a bunch of thoughts: There´s no hype for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks because it is the sequel to Phantom Hourglass. Even though a lot of fans wore their rose-tinted glasses at first, now you´ll find that there´s many fans, if not a majority, that found Phantom Hourglass to be lacking. In more than just one or two areas. To name only a few, it didn´t have an exploration-inviting overworld, all NPCs were horrible, detached from any kind of development, thus resulting in Captain Lineback being praised, when he was the only “okay” character, and nothing great either. The infamous main-dungeon that had to be repeated several times under time pressure also did its best to beat down any player´s motivation, and then you had those lousy Styulus-controls that worked for puzzles, but made controlling Link himself a hassle, feeling like you´re baiting some kind of puppet instead of actually controlling someone. The fact that all dungeons felt like a Zelda-textures Dr. Kawashima and had horrible themes (Egyptian Pyramids, in a Zelda-game, really?!?) gave it the rest. Oh, and forgot the awful sailing, or rather “motor-boating”, that had you permanently defending against silly enemies that appeared randomly. Three hits and you had to start it all over, too. Gone the days where you could just peacefully sail in The Windwaker.

Spirit Tracks looks exactly like the above game, except you switch the boat with a train, and add some gimmicky game-mechanics.

On another note, I´d really like to see a remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. There are two kinds of people I often see writing about the Zelda-series: They either think that Twilight Princess already is an OoT-remake, OR they think that OoT by nowadays standards wasn´t a great game anymore. It´s my honest belief that both those statements are fundamentally wrong.


Whereas Twilight Princess (unfortunately) features are very linear, very cinematic structure, Ocarina of Time was a lot more like the open world-Zelda NES. Of course, not exactly as open-world, but compared to Twilight Princess? Day and Night. There may be thematic similarities, but the whole atmosphere, feel and ingame progression are totally different…in favor of Ocarina of Time. And: If you´d upgrade OoT´s visuals to today´s standards (be it like Twilight Princess or some kind of HD-remake on a possible next Nintendo-system), the game would still kick every other adventure-game´s ass. Thinking of the forest- or spirit-temple alone make me start drooling. Oh, and one thing I must not forget: OoT´s soundtrack. To this day, it is the best video game soundtrack ever having been created. There may be individual songs from other games that are great as well, but in OoT..EVERY SINGLE SONG IS MEMORABLE. Just five minutes ago I debated with myself if I could remember something unimportant as the shop-melody…and then there it was. If “but it´s midi!!!11” is your counterargument, then just listen to one of the many orchestrated versions of the soundtrack. Not that it matters, because OoT´s soundtrack is great no matter if midi or not, it´s the fantastic melodies that make it so unforgettable.

Nostalgia is often a problem, but when it comes to Ocarina of Time, it is definitely not.

htwtswimOld mock-up for a rumored Ocarina of Time-remake

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