Super Mario Galaxy is to Mario what Twilight Princess is to Zelda

Just to get this out there: A lot of people seem to think that Super Mario Galaxy was the new direction that the Mario-franchise needed after getting stale with Super Mario Sunshine. That is incorrect. What Super Mario Galaxy did was to perfect the typical Mario-formula. It did so by combining the modern star-collecting with the linear level-design of old 2d-Mario-games. It is a great combination, but it isn´t new by any definition. You still have the hub, you still jump into worlds, you still collect stars, and so on.

That´s why Super Mario Galaxy is to the Mario-series what The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is to the Zelda-series: Both perfected their respective franchise´s gameplay. Galaxy took all the best aspects of its precedessors, while Twilight Princess, at least in many fans opinion, is a gorgeous almost-remake of Ocarina of Time, with a bigger world, better dungeons, better story, and so on.

While almost every fan wants the Zelda-series to get fresher, many Mario-fans are wearing rose tinted Mario-glasses and don´t see how Mario is in the very same situation as the Zelda-series is. If both those series really need something fresh could be debated (i ABSOLUTELY think so), but it is quite annoying when gamers talk about Super Mario Galaxy like it´s a concept never been done before (maybe not in that quality), while Twilight Princess is complained about with stuff like “the Zelda-series needs an overhaul like Mario Galaxy”. Galaxy is nothing new, Twilight Princess is nothing new, and I hope both series will evolve.

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