Game Freak looking for 3D-modeler

Pokemon-developer Game Freak is in search of an experienced 3d-modeler. That´s what it says on the official website. On there you can also see a wireframe model of legendary Pokemon Lugia.


Nothing else is known at the moment and the rumor mill is starting to run wild. It´s likely NOT a successor to Pokemon Battle Revolution or Pokemon XD, as these are Genius Sonority-franchises.  So what to expect? Most likely it´ll be something minor, a Pokemon-based mini-game for WiiWare. But looking at the Wii sales-numbers in Japan, a major move coming from Nintendo isn´t that unlikely. And honestly, what kind of move could be bigger than…a real, fully realized Pokemon-game for the Wii? While not on par with its handheld-predecessors, Monster Hunter 3 proved that a home console-entry of a famous handheld-series can be successful. Animal Crossing: Let´s go to the City, while being a disappointment to most gamers, also sold rather well on the Wii. And to be clear: A Pokemon-home console game should have even more success than both of those franchises. A man can but dream, but just to let you know, Nintendo: There are tons of manchilds out there, waiting for big, grand adventurous 3D-Pokemon game since they started loving the games on their black-and-white GameBoy back then in the last millennium.


One Response to Game Freak looking for 3D-modeler

  1. Shaun says:

    too true about the manchild thing!
    I would dearly take the role of 3d modeler at Gamefreak except I don’t know how to speak Japanese so that is not a feasible idea.
    A true 3d Pokemon RPG ported to next generation consoles would generate mass amounts of revenue for Gamefreak. I don’t know how to contact them though and whether they actually speak English. According to IGN, their studio only employs 37 people at the moment- quite a nice place to work.
    If this is the way they are looking then 🙂
    I’m only a character artist and not an animator. Also, from the image above I’m deterred further because I work with 3ds Max at the moment and have no experience at all with Autodesk Maya.

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