Perfect Zelda-game right there (Oh, Spirit Tracks, you tease!)

Let´s hurry a bit: At this point in Zelda-history, most fans want the series to go back to the concept of Legend of Zelda NES. Throw the player into the game, without knowing anything, just one giant, organic, breathing world to explore.

Well, someone at Nintendo of America´s PR-team got it right:

That´s a screen cap from the new commercial for Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. So, while said Nintendo DS-game is the complete opposite of exploration, freedom and vast overworld, they tease the fans by making such a great trailer. And personally I´d LOVE the idea of a Zelda-game that really makes the connection between the real-player and the game. Just make up some short introduction like “Omg, where am I?” – “You are in the kingdom of Hyrule.“, an unimportant Hylian farmer tells you. You, who just landed on his field out of nowhere. It´d would take the “You are Link“-concept a big step further and I can imagine some great “breaking the 4th wall”-comments. Anyway, hopefully Nintendo realizes that it´s a Hyrule like the one on the picture above that the fans want. A vast, living world, open without load zones, not stuffed with random enemies but actual nice things to explore and find. Maybe…one day…


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