What´s going on, Nintendo – About MotionPlus

Unlike most of enthusiast Wii-gamers I only got WiiSports Resorts a week ago. I´ve got to admit that I have no idea why I waited for so long. The game is great and might become my Game of the Year. Personal favorites are the sword fighting, the bow shooting and the peaceful flying in a plane. Other than definitely demanding those gameplay mechanics in the next Zelda-game, I really wonder: Where are other MotionPlus-games?

One popular MotionPlus-title got delayed, that is Red Steel 2. I´m not excited for that game, though, as from all the E³-demo walkthroughs it is clear that Ubisoft didn´t take into account that special controls like those using MotionPlus need to have level design that fits the new input mechanics. They didn´t look into that, unfortunately, which is why you have to fight several enemies in every new area of the game. Having to make rather big movements that´s bound to get tiring soon. And personally, I cannot see the fun in slashing the same enemies over and over again. And they even have you use special attacks that break away from the direct battle whenever you face a stronger, boss-like enemy. One enemy every now and then, that is really skillful and puts up a good fight instead of a bunch of cannon fodder would be what´s needed for a MotionPlus-game.

Then there´s Zangeki no Reginleiv, a slasher in the vein of Earth Defense Force by developer Sandlot. Besides not caring about hack’ n slays, the fact that this game also supports the classic controller doesn´t sound promising in terms of their MotionPlus-support.

And then there´s the MotionPlus-launch games, two tennis games and a golf-game. Well, let´s just say that I´m not so keen to spend my time on games that focus on a single sports. In other words: Boring.

Did i miss any announcements? I don´t think so, and even if so, it´s nothing great. That leaves us with Zelda Wii. Which is confirmed to make use of MotionPlus. Even if that stays true until we see the game at E³ 2010, that´s…no a whole lot of titles to show off the great tech that is MotionPlus. I REALLY think every gamer should go out and buy/play WiiSports Resorts. Often, when I´m reading on some boards, I see people writing as if they´ve never played WiiSports Resort, because then they´d understand how great Nintendo´s new hardware actually is. 1:1-controls are there, you just have to go out there and buy the game. And after playing the game a lot for a week, I never had to re-calibrate the controller, never got the controls messed up. What´s extra weird in terms of lack of announcements is that there´s already a big base of MotionPlus-attachements out there. Enough for any developer to make use of it. But it seems we´ll have to wait yet again for Nintendo to actually do something. And while we wait for Nintendo, third-parties will continue to put out mini-game collection one after another. Or send games to die by releasing them two days after christmas day…

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