Forgotten masterpiece – WiiSports Resort

Forgotten by whom, to clarify. Obviously, the mainstream didn´t forget about this gem as it´s still high in all sales charts across the world. It is, however, the self-proclaimed hardcore-crowd that seems to have forgotten about this outstanding, so far unique masterpiece.

Just to make this clear: WiiSports Resort is the ONLY video game AT ALL to feature 1:1-motion controls in a variety of games.

Gamers on all boards still talk about how they want to swing a sword, how the wiimote is but waggle, how the Wii has no games. Yet, noone appears to have played WiiSports Resort. It isn´t mentioned in Game of the Year-topics, it isn´t mentioned whenever someone talks about oh-so-superior upcoming motion controls by another manufacturer. And yet it is what everyone always wanted. The controls are great and fell natural. There´s several great games, and in multiplayer this game could last forever. Visuals are crisp and are tripping from lovely details. It´s a shame that the gamer-crowd dismissed this fantastic game and isn´t talking about it anymore. In a world where all hype goes to games where you shoot people, WiiSports Resort offers a fresh, high quality fun-experience that gives cool hints at future MotionPlus-using games. It´s almost as if Mario 64 was ignored at its release. What a strange video game world we´re living in today…

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