There Will Be Brawl – Must See

It´s been way too long since that project started and I have no idea why I didn´t write about it sooner. Anyway, the following is not a recommendation, but a direct order: Go watch the There Will Be Brawl-series. Now!

For anyone who has no idea of what this show is about: It´s kind of a fan-made fan-interpreted Super Smash Bros. Brawl-series (though the cast seems to consist of professionals) that´s just so completely unlike of what you would expect a Nintendo-show to be like. Lead character is Luigi, which I personally love, since he´s my favorite Mario-character. In this dark story, it´s his self-chosen mission to find out about mysterious murders of the heads of this world. And, of course, Peach goes missing. What follows is an epic journey between dark secrets and evil characters…and a glimmer of hope.

Are Luigi and his friends going to find their happy end? We´ll find out about that soon. Episode 9 was released just a few days ago, and episode 10 marks the final episode of the show. If you don´t hate Nintendo with passion, go watch it, it´s absolutely worth it (and Samus Aran and Zelda couldn´t be hotter ingame than their actresses are).

There Will Be Brawl – Website

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