Complaints about regenerating health – Nonsense!

They´re not regenerating, they´re happy having dodged that bullet

These days a lot of shooter-fans a complaining about the “fact” that your health meter is regenerating if you just wait for a bit. They say it´s unrealistic. Totally, compared to a health pack that heals you the moment you touch it.

Maybe it´s the fault of developers for not making this clear, but in games like Call of Duty YOUR HEALTH IS NOT REGENERATING.

You have to look at it like that: You´re running around a battle field. Bullets everywhere. Just that one moment, a bullet got to close to you. Call it “near death-moment”. THAT is when the borders of your screen start flickering red and you´re supposed to take cover behind some object. It is not that you have been hit, but you got close to being hit. Resting for a bit takes away the stress that came up when you experienced that near death-moment. Just like a real soldier would react. When you realize you avoided death by sheer coincidence, you´ll feel unnerved, but after taking a short break, you regain your confidence and go on. It´s like that in all those games.

Of course, if someone made a video of those shooters, it would show your ingame-model being hit. But that´s a matter of practicality.

If someone is to blame for the whole discussion about “is it good, is it bad”, it´s developers who failed to explain it in their game´s manual. But some self-proclaimed hardcore gamers could also just take a moment and think about it. It´s really not that difficult of a matter. And anything is better than one hundred percent unrealistic, abstract health packs. Really.


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