The world we live in…

The Wii just sold 3.8 million units in the US in December alone. Third parties won´t care. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, the one western high quality effort, bombs, no advertisement at all.

It´s a strange world, to say the least. And a sad one, in a way.

That´s all I wanted to get out there. Fellow Europeans, make sure to buy Silent Hill Wii once it hits the shelf, and to everyone in the world: Don´t forget Fragile, which is being released really soon. Newsflash over.

One Response to The world we live in…

  1. sickr says:

    Didn’t realise Silent Hill had bombed. I’ve heard some great things about Fragile though and the trailer on Gametrailers appears to back this up. Looking forward to it : )

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