Why Nintendo will always do what they deem best

An often voiced complaint about Nintendo is that the company always does things in a very unique way. Which isn´t always meant in a positive way. You never know if a Nintendo hardware has certain features that other console manufacturers long ago included in their systems. You also never know if a game makes it overseas. Just several days ago, we got to know that some high profile titles are being released in Q2, surprisingly close to each other´s release date. Some time before that we found out that Endless Ocean 2 wouldn´t feature custom soundtrack, something that its predecessor had.

But it really is Metroid: Other M now that shows how Nintendo should just do whatever they deem is the best. It certainly isn´t unheard of gamers complaining about Nintendo´s games lacking story and depth in the past. Now, Team Ninja and Yoshio Sakamoto, director of the Metroid-games, are investing a lot of effort into fleshing out the entire Metroid-universe and Samus Aran´s background story. Guess what happens? A lot of fans snapped and are now vocally expressing their opinion about how all that sucks. Some of the funnier “fans” even complaining about Samus Aran being portrayed as woman. With breasts. Because that is somehow overly sexual. That a woman has breasts. Oh well, never mind.

In a way, that isn´t the first time that something like that happened, only that it happened after the game´s release back then, instead of the pre-emptive complaints now. Of course, I´m talking about The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Most of the fans wanted a Zelda-game that focusses on story. And when they got it, they complained about the game being a mess BECAUSE of the story.

I´m personally disappointed in Metroid: Other M, because of its gameplay style. I´m not a fan of the 2D-Metroid games, and really think that Other M is a step back from RetroStudios´ fleshed out 3D-worlds. But I always wanted to see more of the Metroid-universe. See how normal people live in that universe. See who the people are that Samus works for. And maybe see what Samus does when she´s not inmidst of an unknown, dangerous planet. So I am very interested in seeing how the story of Other M pans out and what the great looking cutscenes are going to show me.

Twilight Princess was the game many fans wanted, and they didn´t love it. I´d say it´s best to let Nintendo work and simply give it a try, whatever “it” turns out to be. I myself often talk about what I want from certain Nintendo-related franchises. But that´s because I have a detailed picture of what I want in my mind, and it is very easy to miss it by just changing tiny bits of my idea. And it is just the same when Nintendo does whatever it wants: It may not sound great in the beginning, but when we get to feel it, we realize all the tiny bits that make that certain game feel right, maybe even awesome. That is why Nintendo will and should always do what they deem best.

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