The day Sony got hit by reality

Sony´s press conference of GDC 2010 is over. What remains is hilarity, ensued both by the company itself and its fans. Today, the Playstation Wii, erm, the Wii Move, oh damn, I´m sorry. Today the Playstation Move was presented. And the Playstation Move Subcontroller-…attachment?

Ever since Sony´s Wiimote-ripoff was revealed at last year´s E³, Sony and its followers kept on pressing of how much more accurate their technology is. How games for it would completely massacre the Wii. Today, Sony got hit by reality. Prior to this conference, fans believed the name of the waggle-controller would be Playstation Arc. Not really great, but it sounded kinda cool. Now, its name is Playstation Move. That´s it, just Move. Guess that is an attempt of using Apple´s naming-style, see the iPod Touch. What´s next, Sonys Bravia Watch-series?

The technology behind Move certainly works for motion-based games. But nothing that was shown had anything that wouldn´t be possible with the Wii MotionPlus, that is out since early 2009. Not only that, but the Move doesn´t have real pointing-capabilities, which the Wii has since its release in 2006. It also doesn´t help that the Playstation Move Subcontroller (oh, I love writing that) does not have motion-control capabilities, full stop. Not even basic motion-controls. It´s just so you have an analog stick. Without rumble (which the Wii Nunchuck also doesn´t have, but shouldn´t this be superior?).

Too slow indeed

The games shown were table tennis, archery, golf, sword fighting…wait, you´re telling my I shall stop making up things? It´s no joke, this is “Sports Champions”, a sports collection. Yeah, right. Socom 4 was shown, which reminded of Wii-games like Resident Evil 4 or Battalion Wars. But the pointer-controls seemed slightly awkward. Which, again, may be a result of the Move not having a real pointing-device. The sword fighting-game, some kind of gladiator-arena fighting, showed 1:1-motion controls, like those found in Wii Sports Resort, only that while beign able to move your shield 1:1 is nice, the game being on-rails then, because of the lack of an analog stick, is not fine. Then Sony showed Move Party, a party-game, of course. To finish it off, they gave a big list of supporting third-party developers. It remains to be seen what that will result in.

The Playstation Move-bundle with camera, one controller and a game will be sold for “under 100$“, which most likely will result in being sold for 99$. And don´t forget that you have to buy a Playstation Move Subcontroller, too, which is not included in the bundle.

You may have noticed, but yes, I´m really enjoying the hilarity of this event. Sony is well-known for copying Nintendo, but never before was it that shameless and embarrassing. When you read on forums how Sony-fans defend that move (haha), the same guys that mocked the Wiimote when it was revealed, you can´t help but laugh. Oh the irony! It´s not really a hard prediction, but with the current mindset, Sony will completely fail with their attempt at the motion-control market. No soccer mom is paying a hundred dollar extra for a PS3 and a hundred dollars for the Move-bundle, when they can have the same games (but more charming looking) for a lot less money. And play with their friends that already have a Wii for that purpose. At this point, it´s like watching a car accident. You cannot stop watching. And in this case, it feels as if there´s a truck coming from behind, ready to crash into the ongoing mess.

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  1. sickr says:

    You were once again bang on the money with this article.

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