New artworks and details about The Last Story

The official website of The Last Story for the Wii was updated again, and it´s quite interesting what information we got this time.

Ruli City is supposed to be the base of the whole adventure. the game director wanted it to create so that the player feels as if he´s actually there. Even more intriguing is what the game´s producers, supposedly Hironobu Sakaguchi, had to see. He explained that most RPGs are designed in a way to not get the player lost. Dead ends and broad roads. Ruli City is created to actually make you lose your orientation once you walk around for a while, featuring big roads as wall as narrow backstreets and also dead ends. The city is made so that you look around, watch the passing-by people, things that fly with the wind and other stuff.

There a reason for this kind of setting, so walk around aimlessly to experience that reason” is what he closes his explanation.

The only thing I can say at this moment is that Ruli City is the town that I always imagined for a new Zelda-game. It´s all there in the artworks. The market people on the big road, the dark, narrow backstreets, and you can even spot points that would make for some nice climbing, exploring the city in its vertical direction. With The Last Story´s city, Xenoblade´s overworld and Red Steel 2´s sword controls, one wonders if Zelda Wii will be able to deliver. It´s getting more difficult with each day, that´s for sure.


2 Responses to New artworks and details about The Last Story

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  2. Sam says:

    The idea of getting lost in a world and the concept art reminds me of what the old adveture games were like. Kinda like the ones Sierra used to make.

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