Nintendo 3DS announced – WHAT?!

In an official announcement on their Japanese website, Nintendo today announced the next Nintendo-handheld, the Nintendo 3DS.

So, why it was announced today, no idea. It also isn´t April 1st. It´s real. The Nintendo 3DS will be released within the fiscal year, which means before March 2011. The most surprising feature, though, will be 3D. The 3DS will offer 3D-effects without the need of any special glasses! Real 3D. Also interesting is that the device will be 100% backwards-compatible to DS and DSi. That´s it.

What a weird day to wake up to. I have to regather my mind before writing more thoughts on the 3DS. What I can say now: It feels as if the final step into virtual reality is beginning. 3D images! Just yesterday I was planning an in-depth article on the whole visor-affair, that often is picked up by fans. And the 3DS definitely will give hints at the Wii-successor. But Nintendo definitely won´t support 3D-TVs, because nobody has those. So does that realy mean…built-in projector or 3D-visor? Who knows. It´s an exciting time!

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