I really want 3D!

After having watched “How to train your Dragon” today in cinema, I just have to express how much I want that. Unlike Avatar, animation movies like that one really show off the strength of 3D. The trailer to that “Sammy´s World”-movie, featuring a little turtle, was even more impressive…it was as if the little turtle was 20 centimeters before your face. Gorgeous. From what I heard about the 3DS so far, it seems like the effect is backwards, meaning that images don´t pop out, but instead give more depth inside the screen. Well, I have no idea how that looks like in real-life, but I´m confident to say that video gaming is where 3D will have the biggest impact upon, not movies. Unfortunately, 3D will not become an option for home consoles as long as you need a new TV and glasses. So the 3DS is what I´m looking forward to most.


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