The FlyingFisch celecbrates 20,000 visitors

Well, thanks to all the readers of !

I just wanted to get that out there, no big, long comment prepared for this. Though, I´ve got to mention how glad I am that this many people (and it is a lot for this website) found their way to this place, as I have literally no marketing at all. Whoever comes and reads my articles found here due to unknown circumstances…but it certainly makes me happy 😀

I´m not making any money of this blog, but I still love seeing the numbers of people reading my articles, simply because I write them to reach as many as possible people. So, let me take the opportunity and highlight my personal favorite article, “Beyond Motion-Control and HD: A New Concept for Videogame Systems“. It´s one of the very early texts to be found on FlyingFisch, but I still really like that one. It really shows my fascination for future possibilities and A.I.s in general. If you haven´t read it, yet, give it a try.

After thinking for a bit, I´d actually like to thank my two affiliate-websites, My Nintendo News and Link’s Hideaway, who definitely got me a bit more popularity and are great places to visit by themselves. Also, if you haven´t noticed, yet, there´s another link under “affilities”, which is called “Zelda Wii – The Blog“. If you liked my Top30 Expectations of Zelda Wii, you might like that blog, too. Just go see for yourself.

With that, I´d like to conclude this entry and say another thank you to everyone. I hope I´ll be able to publish many more interesting (and freaky) articles about as well as popular as weird gaming-related things. Next time I´ll post something like that, it´ll have to be 100,000, so let´s find out together if The FlyingFisch can make it.

sincerely yours,



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