May the Hunt Begin!

Finally, Monster Hunter Tri for Nintendo Wii will be released this friday in Europe and a bit earlier in the US. I have to admit that I originally decided not to buy it on first day, seeing how the new semester is about to start, as well as some tests that don´t lie  that far into future. But just a few hours ago, I changed my mind and pre-ordered the Monster Hunter Tri Limited Edition, featuring a Classic Controller Pro and WiiSpeak, and seemingly some figurine.

I have seen quite some videos of Monster Hunter Tri, and there are some gameplay decisions that I´m very skeptical about. Most prominent one being the fact that you slash a giant sword into a monster´s body and have to repeat it many, many times, even though just from the looks one hit should be enough. And it doesn´t help that herbivores seemingly are killed much faster. It´s the lack of consistency here that makes me worried. Then there´s the time limit for each mission. I guess the positive aspect here is that you won´t run into a situation where you´re fighting something for hours, just to find out that it´s simply impossible to do, yet.

Except for these worries, MH3 features lots of things I always wanted from a video game. The whole adventure-aspect of the game. You´re just a “normal” guy (or girl) and step out into an unfamiliar world, finding and fighting powerful dragon-like monsters. You can choose from many different weapons, from a classic sword and shield, to a hammer, and even long-range weapons exist. You don´t have to rely on silly grinding like most JRPGs do, but on your own skills. Learn tactics, learn the monsters´ behaviors. The world was created to feel very natural. And on top of this, you can play the game with up to three friends online, or one friend offline. It´s an adventure. A pure adventure.

What seems to be missing is a proper, typical story for single player-mode, but from what I heard MH3´s single player-mode is a bit more fleshed out than previous MH-games´, and even if playing offline, MH3 is a game to talk about with your friends, be it in real-life or on discussion boards. The mission-based structure of the game also makes me think that even without a lot of time, you can greatly play the game. Oh, and I just watched a video of a sword and shield-user (which I will be playing as) who made the exact same sounds while attacking or being hit as Link from the Zelda-series. If that´s not a good sign!


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