LOST – So am I

On special occasions, I talk about stuff that isn´t really related to video gaming. Now is such a special occasion. This sunday, May 23rd 2010, the LOST-tv show will end. The last episode of season 6 is going to air. This will not only mark the end of one, if not the, best tv-shows ever being aired. It will also mark the end of six years of following this unique, once-in-a-lifetime show. Lost will find its end. And leave us lost?

It all started oh so innocent, yet surely dramatic. An ordinary plane crashes while flying over an island inmidst of the vast sea. Many people die, but many survive. One of them being Jack Shepard, a young genius doctor who doesn´t hesitate to use his skills for helping the wounded people around him. Time flies by and Jack finds himself in the position of the leader of the survivors. Now, it´s all about getting off the island. The group stays at the beach, hoping for search teams finding them. But after days and days without any sign, rather than getting in contact with an outside-source, they have to start caring about their survival. Water, to be more clear. One group stays at the beach, one enters the dense island´s jungle. It is only a bit later when  sympathetic fatso Hurley finds out that there´s one person within the group that doesn´t belong to them – An Other.

Instead of simply surviving until someone comes to pick them up, they survivors find themselves confronted with a much more real danger. The Others, as they are called, attempt to kidnap pregnant Claire. They succeed, but Claire can get away. When Jack and Co. don´t agree with that, the Others threaten to kill one survivor each day they´re not getting Claire. By setting up a trap, including the guns of a dead police marshall, they can get a hold of Ethan, one of the Others – and rockstar Charlie kills him, in an attempt of making sure that Claire´s safe. This marks the start of permanent fear and fighting against the Others – whoever they really are.

As if those unknown people weren´t dangerous enough, there is more to the island: Smokey. The mysterious smoke-monster seemingly appears at random  and doesn´t hesitate to kill whomever is in its way. As the survivor´s find out later, the Others found ways to keep Smokey away, by using an electro-magnetic fence. The Others actually are members of the Dharma-corporation that does certain research-projects on the island. For some reason, all pregnant women on the island die. They´re trying to find out why. In the meantime, some of the leading characters of the survivors are caught by the Others. Jack, Sawyer and Kate are being brought to another island next to where they crashed on. They manage to escape and after lots more of hardships, finally they have contact to a rescue team. It is when this so-called rescue team arrives that everything starts going upside down.

The LOST-series managed to develop from its innocent beginnings into one of the most dramatic and fantastic shows ever. Not only have fans all over the world no clue what the ending will be like. The producers and actors managed to develop a cast of characters that are so likable and interesting that you cannot help but care for them. Joy, Sadness, Fear, Happiness, anger, the LOST-series had every emotion you could think of.

I´m here, trying to type some more things about the LOST-series, but I have to admit that I have teary eyes when I think of how all that is coming to an end now. This was not just any TV-show. It was an experience. Something that won´t be repeated that soon. If at all. Six years, drama, twists and emotions – that was LOST. And all I can do now is finish this blog-entry with my favorite quote from my favorite character of the show. A character that really was the hero of the show, and I can but hope that he won´t be forgotten once the finale episode is running:

“Don´t you tell me what I can´t do”

– John Locke

Goodbye, LOST, thank you for an amazing experience for over six years.


2 Responses to LOST – So am I

  1. I am really bummed that Lost is over. I can’t believe everyone is viewing the last segment tonight. What are we going to do each week. Nestor Carbonell is so attractive! I am going to miss him. Is there going to be a sequel?

  2. Dave says:

    I really enjoyed watching lost i love Kate and Sawyer, i will definatly miss Lost

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