Why the Wii is a pioneer in more than just one way

The Nintendo Wii is the market leading home console, bla bla bla, it´s all well-known. It´s also mostly accepted that it´s thanks to the Wii that all those new controly-styles are heading towards the consumers. First, there was the wiimote, and by the end of the year, there´ll be Kinect and Move. It could be said, thus, that the Wii pioneered the future of gaming, where more involving controls are becoming the standard. But that´s just one way in which this sweet, little console functioned as a pioneer.

The other one is being a pioneer for the upcoming handheld Nintendo 3DS. I can´t imagine that Nintendo did it intentionally, but fact is: The 3DS will have only one analog-stick. As much of an upgrade that is over not having an analog-stick at all, it´s still lacking one analog-stick. That would be true, if Nintendo had had a traditional home console like the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. The exact thing that caused quite some people to criticize the wiimote will now work FOR the 3DS: People got used to having only one analog-stick.

Well, you could go as far as to say: People got used again to having only one analog-stick. There was no second analog-stick on the N64´s controller and games worked just fine. And for what is worth, Nintendo proved that even nowadays, a second analog-stick isn´t necessarily needed. That´s not to say that it´d add comfort in many situations, but from a gameplay-perspective, Wii-games worked fine. See Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, for many gamers the best games of the current generation. These games feature an in-game camera that works that well that a second analog-stick was never needed. And that´s not even all of it: Nintendo went as far as to create games where you don´t even need a single analog-stick anymore. See New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Paper Mario, Endless Ocean or the soon-to-be-released Metroid:Other M.

You don´t need complex controls for “hardcore“-games. That´s what the Wii´s message is, and how it, probably unintentionally, worked as a pioneer for the 3DS.  Because once the new 3D-handheld launches, nobody will complain about inferior controls. Why would they, when even the home console, named Wii, doesn´t feature a more complex control-scheme? Of course, it´d be great if the 3DS had six face-buttons, to have the same amount of buttons as the N64, but that´s another matter.


3 Responses to Why the Wii is a pioneer in more than just one way

  1. mario galaxy says:

    Cool stuff, thanks for sharing, pretty much on the ball.

  2. Can I just say…. I hope 3D dies – and soon. To me it still feels really gimmicky, I dunno if I’ll ever get over that…

  3. the advancment of 3d technology is blowing my mind.

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