Today is Kirby-day, lol – Also, Pandora´s Tower

Several coincidences clashing just after I wrote about a new business model for Nintendo yesterday. The company released its earning reports and Iwata himself said that the reason for why there´s only Nintendogs and Cats at the Nintendo 3DS´ launch is that they wanted to give third party-publisher a time to shine. Moreover, guess what game they announced today? Kirby for Wii! And it is not just some random new Kirby-game, it is the long-awaited Kirby GCN! A small teaser-video is on Nintendo´s website and the game looks fantastic, with classic Kirby-abilities all over the place.

Now, even more interesting, as far as I´m concerned, is the announcement of “Pandora´s Tower: Until I´m By Your Side Again“. No gameplay-details are known at this moment, but one artwork on the game´s website shows a rather pretty girl with a big tattoo, covering her whole back. What makes me extremely happy is the relatively “mature” art style. At the same time, the art makes it look like a new Monolith Software-game, and we all know how that turned out for the gorgeous looking Xenoblade, sigh. Still, the game is supposed to be released this spring in Japan, so maybe we´re lucky this time. For now, enjoy the girl and the music on the website.

Also mentioned in Nintendo´s earning report is the 25th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda-series. It seems that the company has some kind of plans for the best franchise in the world (feel free to agree, hah!). With Ocarina of Time 3D getting a remake on the 3DS, Link´s Awakening being a launch-title for the handheld´s eShop and Skyward Sword hopefully coming out at the end of the year, the emphasis on Zelda seems apparent. Now let´s just hope that the newest member of the franchise honors its anniversary through quality!


One Response to Today is Kirby-day, lol – Also, Pandora´s Tower

  1. Sam says:

    Sure, she looks hot (I’m a secure enough gal to say that), but she looks a lil mainstream for my tasts. I needs more info before I cast my judement. The Kirby game, on the other hand, I cannot wait for! It looks oodles of fun.

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