GDC 2011 starts tomorrow – What´s important

This year´s Game Developers Conference is going to start this monday, February 28th, and will last till March 4th. The event is mostly thought to be a great opportunity for all the developers out there to meet and exchange knowledge. But that wouldn´t be the whole truth, not anymore. Satoru Iwata, head of Nintendo, is going to hold the keynote speech for this GDC, titled “Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future”. That alone will be interesting to listen to, but all I´ve really got to say is this: Trailer for Skyward Sword!

We got the second Twilight Princess-trailer at GDC, Phantom Hourglass was revealed at another GDC. And we haven´t seen a single thing of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword ever since last year´s E3. Unless severe problems have pushed the game back even further, Skyward Sword WILL see its release in 2011. Two months are over already and except for super-enthusiasts like myself, hardly anyone is too hyped about the game at this point in time, simply because WE DO NOT KNOW S*** ABOUT IT. The only non-generic detail we know of is the mysterious girl that´s going to transform into a sword. That is the only detail one couldn´t have derived from this Wii-title´s predecessors. Controls are new, but expected. And the rest? A random forest-tutorial area and a “the world down below is ruled by evil and Link´s going to visit that land and rescue it“. Yeah, well, that´s … a Zelda-game, I guess. Of course, Link living above the clouds on hovering islands is awesome, but at this point, it´s really just another piece of speculation-inducing pseudo-information.

A Zelda-trailer here makes almost too much sense. The game won´t be released before E3 2011, but that´s where “journalists” should be able to play a near-final build of the game, NOT the place where we get to see the first real trailer for the game. And GDC 2011 is the last known event before E3, so that´s that.  First trailer now, second trailer and playable final build at E3, release date this fall. Sounds good, eh? And it´s the Zelda-series´ 25th Anniversary, too. Compare that to Iwata´s keynote title, yeah. See ya again in about two days, either fan-gasming or raging about the absence of a trailer.

PS: And a Mass Effect 3-trailer would be nice, too, Bioware!


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