The FlyingFisch reaches 100,000 visits

On a quick note, The FlyingFisch broke its 100,000th visitor today on April 25th. I said that this would be the next mark to celebrate, so here we are! 

I don´t have much to say, really, since I´m just grateful to all of you who decided to read one of my articles on video games, game design and everything that somehow relates to our beloved entertainment industry.

As for fact time, other than my nostalgia trip on Pokémon, the reports about Monster Hunter Tri have been some of the most read blog entries. And another one is coming, I promise! As a little bit of a sneak preview (lol): I killed Deviljho. More than just once.

So, that is it. FlyingFisch reaching 100,000 visitors is a big feat for this blog, since it has absolutely no advertisement or constant place of attention.  However way you found this website, I hope you enjoyed reading it. As for the future, I have no intention to stop writing about games until I stop playing them. And with the 3DS I just recently got and the Wii 2 coming up, I doubt I´ll run out of topics worth debating. Of course, I won´t post a story when there just isn´t one worth it (imo), so the amount of monthly entries can vary. Better than going for filler-stuff, right?

Next party will be when we reach our 1,000,000th visitor. Could take some time 😉

One Response to The FlyingFisch reaches 100,000 visits

  1. marcludi says:

    Grats 🙂

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