Dear video game journalists: Go Home

February 9, 2012

Quite the ressurrection here, but I just have to get this out there quickly:

 In the same fashion as a lot of “articles” over the past few years, Gamespot published another text explaining why the PlayStation Vita will fail, because of smartphones.  Are you effing kidding me? First of all, I´m neither a fan of Sony´s or their upcoming new handheld. To be honest, it´d be delicious to taste the tears of oh so many obnoxious Sony Super Fans over at NeoGAF, if PSV failed. DAGA! SUKASSHI! But what the hell is the video gaming media´s problem with handhelds and smartphones? More explicitly, why aren´t they arguing in favor of traditional handhelds?

I´m not sure how much more vomit-esque Apple-fellating I can bear.  Sigh, I feel an instant rage coming up inside me when I remember some of those bad, really bad texts on The Wire. It is always the same two to three examples that are supposed to prove smartphones´ superiority in terms of popularity. Cut the Rope, Plants vs Zombies and Angry Birds. Effing Angry Birds! Gamespot goes to compare it to Uncharted: The Golden Abyss. Well, guess what? No matter how much I don´t care about the PSV, it will see a lot of other great titles for its respective audience. Meanwhile, Angry Birds is, like, super old and any enthusiastic gamer would have finished it a long time ago. But unlike the PSV, smartphones such as the Apple iPhone don´t see lots of great new titles all the time. Instead, you get shitty knock offs, crappy ports and, most importantly, a whole bunch of games that feel way too similarly because of the limited controls.

And yet, somehow video game journalists won´t tire to herald the advent of these overly, necessarily simplistic games. Why, I´m asking. Being one of those video game journalists myself (although one that actually likes handhelds. I know, wow, kinda shocking at this point), I can only guess that these folks have lost sight of what they´re supposed to do, because of their job´s routine. Attending all kinds of events, rushing from one 360-game to another PS3-game and so on, they lost any motivation for sophisticated gaming on-the-go. It kinda makes sense: Your whole day consists of big games – making the more simple experiences of smartphones more appealing than continuing to play the same stuff even on-the-go. I know this from first-handy experience, choosing to play some Solitaire over my 3DS. These situations do exist, yeah. But for effness´ sake, dear colleagues: It is your duty to realize that mistake -and a mistake it is- and adjust the content of your articles accordingly. If you honestly think smartphone-games are better than handheld games, sorry to hear. However, I do not believe this to be the case. You guys entered this business because you liked video games at one point. A daily routine can blur this original motivation, but it can be re-found.

In the end, there´s two options: Help the potential downfall of traditional handheld gaming and further alienate yourself from your readers – OR – start giving sophisticated video gaming on-the-go the praise and positiveness it deserves. The 3DS as well as the PSV.