Flying Fisch

The Flying Fisch is something impossible to grasp. You know, when a matter isn´t so clear, “what is it then”? A fish flying in the air, what the heck!? That is why we call ourselves the Flying Fisch.

Straying away a bit into the more concrete, Flying Fisch is a games-blog. And while we´re using professional´s rules for everything we do, it´s more of a pro bono-project. No writer of this site has the duty of writing a certain number of articles. Hence, IF you have to say something, you can. You only have to do it in a professional matter, leaving all the biased console war-crap behind. That´s not saying we´re not biased, we are. But we are towards great, unique gaming experiences. What that uniqueness is, that´s a matter of our writer´s stance. We´re choosing carefully, though, who writes for this blog. Getting us to our next point.

There are four categories of articles.

The first one ist called 1338, or thirteen-thirtyeight. Before having found a name we liked, it was simply “news”, though that´s just not what it is. Yeah, we´re talking about new, up-to-date stuff in here, but first of all, we´re not intending to be a news site, and secondly, we pick only those news, that we have to say something about. Like, we want you, the reader, get to know about something, and then extend the text with our personal hopes and wishes, measering the potential and personal hype.

Then there´s the next category, the Ratio. The idea behind this word is to use both its English and Latin meaning. In English, ratio describes a relationship. What one thing means for another. In Latin, it means rationality/sanity. Both meanings are fitting our review-section, though we handle that one rather special: Each writer of this site is only allowed to write three reviews a year. That means that we will carefully choose what we´ll write about. We´re also abandoning a score-system, because…when there IS a review, you know it´s a special game.

Third category is wat. Wat? Yes, it is wat. You can think of it as a commentary-category, though, i mean…everything we´re talking about on our blog is kind of a commentary. Just when it´s nothing up-to-date or not a review, it gets thrown into this section of the blog. Be it something about the videogame industry in general, or a preview of a game that´s got no news and is far from release, you´ll find it here. The fourth category, the Shout, is basically like a wat-article…just a lot shorter, to publish some quick stuff.

Phew, coming to an end, aren´t we. That´s about it right now. We don´t know if there are more categories on the way, and we don´t know how often we´ll write something. For now, keep an eye on this blog if you´re looking for special games or special views on non-special games. If you want to know who´s writing for Flying Fisch, visit the Writers-section. And if you want to become a writer of Flying Fisch, contact us.

It´s the Flying Fisch of videogames that we´re looking for.


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