January ND – Nintendo Doom

January 24, 2014

I was watching an old video I made during the hype for Nintendo´s 2010 Media Summit and felt like doing another such video. The result is a fun collage of scenes from a wide range of video games that paint a possible, though not likely, picture of what Nintendo´s and the Wii U´s future could hold. Anyway, it´s fun just seeing footage of some of these games. Here goes:


The FlyingFisch reaches 100,000 visits

April 25, 2011

On a quick note, The FlyingFisch broke its 100,000th visitor today on April 25th. I said that this would be the next mark to celebrate, so here we are! 

I don´t have much to say, really, since I´m just grateful to all of you who decided to read one of my articles on video games, game design and everything that somehow relates to our beloved entertainment industry.

As for fact time, other than my nostalgia trip on Pokémon, the reports about Monster Hunter Tri have been some of the most read blog entries. And another one is coming, I promise! As a little bit of a sneak preview (lol): I killed Deviljho. More than just once.

So, that is it. FlyingFisch reaching 100,000 visitors is a big feat for this blog, since it has absolutely no advertisement or constant place of attention.  However way you found this website, I hope you enjoyed reading it. As for the future, I have no intention to stop writing about games until I stop playing them. And with the 3DS I just recently got and the Wii 2 coming up, I doubt I´ll run out of topics worth debating. Of course, I won´t post a story when there just isn´t one worth it (imo), so the amount of monthly entries can vary. Better than going for filler-stuff, right?

Next party will be when we reach our 1,000,000th visitor. Could take some time 😉

Sidenote about Metroid: Other M (includes endgame-spoiler)

November 21, 2010

Had some other game done something like the powerbomb usage at the end of Metroid: Other M without informing the player directly prior to the fight, but left it at mentioning the strength of the powerbomb only in the very beginning, THAT game would have been praised by the very same people, that are now complaining about it,  for its artistic, innovative choice. Did I like the way it played out? No, but then I also don´t care about games being artistic or not.

Zelda Wii – E³ 2010

April 24, 2010

Here is a little present to all Zelda- and video game-fans out there. Thanks to my own obsession regarding the Zelda-series, I can hereby show you a video, made for the purpose of getting into the mood for the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010, that´s going to take place from June 15th to 17th. Without any further explanations, here´s the link. Have fun!

Zelda Wii E³ 2010 – Video

The FlyingFisch celecbrates 20,000 visitors

April 16, 2010

Well, thanks to all the readers of Flyingfisch.net !

I just wanted to get that out there, no big, long comment prepared for this. Though, I´ve got to mention how glad I am that this many people (and it is a lot for this website) found their way to this place, as I have literally no marketing at all. Whoever comes and reads my articles found here due to unknown circumstances…but it certainly makes me happy 😀

I´m not making any money of this blog, but I still love seeing the numbers of people reading my articles, simply because I write them to reach as many as possible people. So, let me take the opportunity and highlight my personal favorite article, “Beyond Motion-Control and HD: A New Concept for Videogame Systems“. It´s one of the very early texts to be found on FlyingFisch, but I still really like that one. It really shows my fascination for future possibilities and A.I.s in general. If you haven´t read it, yet, give it a try.

After thinking for a bit, I´d actually like to thank my two affiliate-websites, My Nintendo News and Link’s Hideaway, who definitely got me a bit more popularity and are great places to visit by themselves. Also, if you haven´t noticed, yet, there´s another link under “affilities”, which is called “Zelda Wii – The Blog“. If you liked my Top30 Expectations of Zelda Wii, you might like that blog, too. Just go see for yourself.

With that, I´d like to conclude this entry and say another thank you to everyone. I hope I´ll be able to publish many more interesting (and freaky) articles about as well as popular as weird gaming-related things. Next time I´ll post something like that, it´ll have to be 100,000, so let´s find out together if The FlyingFisch can make it.

sincerely yours,


I really want 3D!

April 8, 2010

After having watched “How to train your Dragon” today in cinema, I just have to express how much I want that. Unlike Avatar, animation movies like that one really show off the strength of 3D. The trailer to that “Sammy´s World”-movie, featuring a little turtle, was even more impressive…it was as if the little turtle was 20 centimeters before your face. Gorgeous. From what I heard about the 3DS so far, it seems like the effect is backwards, meaning that images don´t pop out, but instead give more depth inside the screen. Well, I have no idea how that looks like in real-life, but I´m confident to say that video gaming is where 3D will have the biggest impact upon, not movies. Unfortunately, 3D will not become an option for home consoles as long as you need a new TV and glasses. So the 3DS is what I´m looking forward to most.

Lost in Stats

March 23, 2010

I love stats. I´d take the risk to assume everyone loves stats about his favorite games. It´s the reason why playing Super Smash Bros. Melee was so much fun (well, part of the fun). Stats give you insight into your individual playing style. The data often shows habits or simply what actions you prefer. And despite all that additional, passive fun, stats are still something rare in video games.

There really isn´t much more to say. Get stats into every game where it makes even slightly sense. No wait, put it into every game, no matter of how much sense that makes. I want stats in the next Zelda-game, showing me how many enemies I killed, how I killed them and how many meters I ran in complete. I want to know the jumping distance in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and how long the longest time in mid-air was. I want stats in Mass Effect 3, showing me who I had the most romances with, who I talked most with and how my moral developed over the course of the game. Give me also stats in the next Mario Kart-game, which actually would make sense. Give me stats about any activity I could possible engage in on my consoles. And then, at the end of all that, let me compare my various stats with those of friends.

Stats, especially when you can compare them with others, are great fun for those interested. And I fathom that it´s rather easy to track the data for these stats in most games. Seriously, give me stats for every game out there. Let the consumer decide if he wants to look at or ignore them. Stats are fun.