The world we live in…

January 15, 2010

The Wii just sold 3.8 million units in the US in December alone. Third parties won´t care. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, the one western high quality effort, bombs, no advertisement at all.

It´s a strange world, to say the least. And a sad one, in a way.

That´s all I wanted to get out there. Fellow Europeans, make sure to buy Silent Hill Wii once it hits the shelf, and to everyone in the world: Don´t forget Fragile, which is being released really soon. Newsflash over.

New year – New hopes

January 2, 2010

An old year ended, a new one began. The gaming industry isn´t developing exactly the way I´d want it to, but every now and, you find these little, underhyped gems that cannot get any of the spotlight. A game I´m totally into right now is Drakensang, a western RPG for the PC. I usually don´t like these classic Dungeons and Dragons-games, with their rather weird combat-system, but Drakensang does a great job at putting the player into this medieval fantasy-world, so it doesn´t make the game any worse at all. Did a little research, and seemingly the game sold about 100.000 units in Germany, which the publisher considered a big success, which makes me wonder how such a gorgeous, depth experience can make money with only that low sales numbers. It´s classic Pen and Paper, set in the world of Aventuria from the famous DSA-series. Which means that there has not made up yet another random fantasy-world, but used a rich, already existing setting. I´ve played the game for about 25 hours and I´m nowhere near the end. To summarize, I´d compare the game to Mass Effect, with less focus on cinematics.

Now, for the year of 2010. Most games I´m looking forward to are Wii-titles. Other than the obvious one (Super Mario Galaxy 2), there´s a bunch of third party-titles coming that could turn out being must-haves. If you ever clicked back to this blog´s very first entry, you´ll know that I´ve always been looking forward to that game: Fragile. The action-RPG is finally being released this spring. From everything we know this game appears to feature clunky combat and a heavy reliance on rich atmosphere. In other words: ICO 2. It has to be seen if Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon can live up to these expectations, but as gaming enthusiast, you should keep an eye on that title.

The biggest release in early of 2010 is obviously Mass Effect 2. It´s also when the biggest niche-title is released, Endless Ocean 2. Mass Effect 1 and Endless Ocean 1 tied as my Game of the Year the year they came out, so it´s an awesome start. I have no idea about what exactly Endless Ocean 2 is going to offer – new locations, actually dangerous animals, etc. – but I´m hoping for more mind-cracking locations like the Deep in its predecessor.

These two games have no release-date yet and it´s not even sure if they´ll be released at all, but from the little footage that was shown, I´m interested. Monado and Cosmic Walker. Monado looks like a more anime-esque Final Fantasy 12, and for all that´s worth, it looks like a great, classic RPG with a neat combat-system. Cosmic Walker was shown for like three seconds and never mentioned afterwards. The little we´ve seen, though, gets up my hopes. The game could turn out being this and that, but above anything else, it could turn out be a Endless Ocean in space-like game – which I´d die for.

That´s it so far. There´s a lot of big, hyped games coming out in 2010 as well, but you most likely have  heard enough of those by now. The one big game that isn´t announce yet is The Legend of Zelda Wii, but god know if that sees its release in 2010. Maybe if Nintendo follows my previous predictions of launching the Wii-successor in late 2010, and Zelda becomes the first hybrid-title for both Wii and Wii Too. Oh, and just before finishing this entry: Let´s hope 8ing comes back to senses and develops a proper Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! EX4…and finally improving the game-series as a whole.

Happy new year, everyone!

Fragile reaches surface yet again

June 27, 2008

Every now and then there are games that have a certain feel to them. That makes you look forward to them. Bandai Namco´s Fragile is one of those.

The girl Set is looking for

You overtake the role of Set, survivor within a postapocalyptic world. The world looks barren, empty. Visiting varying locations you´ll realize that there´s hardly anybody left. What you will find, though, are graffitis, pictures, on certain places. This graffitis tell the player all the little stories of the former people. Not only that, all the little pieces of information thus gathered will help Set with his very own goal: To find Ren, an innocent looking, white haired girl, wearing next to nothing.

Equipped with only a flashlight in the beginning, Set travels from place to place to uncover new hints. His journey won´t be an easy one, as there are mysterious ghost-like enemies. Fragile is an action-rpg, giving you control over Set while in battle. Said battles start seamlessly, so no load-screen and random encounters. To battle you can use anything you find. One of the first weapons is a simple knob. Depending on the enemy you might want to change your weapon.

This isn´t ICO 2, is it?!

The focus of Fragile so far, however, seems to be on exploration. Which is a good thing i might add. Too many games lose their unique feel because of forced battles, resulting in one of oh so many games we already played before. Fragile makes the impression to approach its grinding-system rather like a Zelda-game, only instead of collecting heart pieces and and achieving weapons, you gain that stuff by fighting a few, but important battles and finding items on the go.

The main reason why Fragile looks so promising is the incredible atmosphere shown in the screenshots seen so far. Empty buildings, forsaken underground-tunnels, but then again bright, moody places, with no people around. This atmosphere is strengthened by clever use of the wiimote. When you approach above mentioned graffitis, you can hear them whispering about what happened at that place through the wiimote-speaker. However forsaken the world of Fragile is, though, there are others that Set will meet. Besides his target, Ren, there is Sai, a girl you´ll meet up within the game. Then there is Crow, another explorer like yourself, who´s looking for a certain piece of information.

If someone asked me right now what game i´m looking forward to the most, Fragile would be on my mind. It is an action-rpg, but from all the information and screenshots we have, it rather looks like a mixture of Zelda and ICO. Such a combination cannot result in something bad, so consider me being hyped about Fragile.

More screenshots at OnlinePlayer and don´t miss the trailer. You can also listen to some great tune at the Official Website.