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April 14, 2011

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Exciting times ­čÖé

Edit before bed time: I think CVG either didn┬┤t get all the details or misinterpreted the screen-stuff. It won┬┤t be a built-in hd screen in the Wii 2┬┤s controller, but the Wii 2 itself will be a tablet that┬┤ll feature an HD screen. Yes, I am further clinging onto my tablet-console-hybrid theory. And tonight I will dream of the future of video games and E3 … or some hot girl, hm …

Another Edit: Here┬┤s a mock up I just made. Just a quick thought on the whole 6″ screen and such. Enjoy.

Rumors and rumored details about NDS- and Wii-successor

March 14, 2010

The stream of rumors regarding new Nintendo-hardware just doesn┬┤t stop. And I┬┤m the last person to complain about it. Whether of not it really happens any time soon, we hear more and more, unconfirmed, details about upcoming hardware. And then there┬┤s some interesting stuff about hardware that┬┤s definitely far from being launched, but nonetheless hype-inducing. So let┬┤s talk about Nintendo DS Next and Wii Too.

First of all, some guy published details about the NDS-successor. At this point I┬┤m not bothering to give a source, as nobody knows if that guy can be taken seriously, AND we heard most of the stuff several weeks ago from another insider source. It┬┤s very likely to be true, but just don┬┤t take it as facts at this point. So, according to that source, the DS Next will feature GameCube-level graphics. If will have two screens, though of higher resolution than the DS┬┤s. Most interestingly though, the gap between the two screens is supposed to be almost gone, making it easier for games that use both screens as a single one. Also, the hardware features an accelerometer, like the iPhone, but better. So we can expect some sort of motion-controls. Lastly, according to that insider source from before, “the DS2 is the best handheld I┬┤ve ever worked on“, so it appears to be developer-friendly. That┬┤s it for the next Nintendo-handheld. Some people say that it makes no sense for Nintendo to release a new handheld, but I think about that like this: A DS2 could be introduced at a higher price, like 200$, while the DS1 is still being sold. That way, “hardcore” gamers get a new toy, while the broad masses don┬┤t feel alienated. Like many other gamers, I expect that one to be unveiled at this year┬┤s E┬│. And with “expect”, I actually mean “hope”.

Now, on to the more speculative part, and thus more fun to write about. The Wii Too, the Wii┬┤s successor. According to Matt Cassamassina from IGN, he heard from some source that the Wii Too would be released in 2012. Seems awfully late, but who knows. Reginald “Reggie” Fils-Aime was asked about that in an interview and called it a complete rumor and speculation. Personally, I said that the Wii Too would be released in 2011, and I still believe that, looking at Nintendo┬┤s software-situation. But there┬┤s one comment coming from Reggie that puts everything into a new perspective. Being asked about if the Wii-successor would feature HD-resolution, after explaining how that┬┤s missing the point, that Nintendo starts looking into new hardware when a software-developer has an idea that┬┤s not possible on existing hardware, he said the following (I┬┤ll paraphrase it): “Maybe we skip HD all together and go straight to the next thing, whatever that may be“.

Alright, for one, that┬┤s Reggie. He certainly knows more than what a lot of gamers gave him credit for in the last months, but still, he┬┤s “just” president of NoA. If there┬┤s no hidden agenda behind those words, there┬┤s not much reason to believe that he actually knows something. And secondly, it doesn┬┤t even sound like anything serious, just personal speculation about Nintendo┬┤s next home-system. Still, lusting after every tiny bit of detail, it remains a highly interesting comment. “Skipping HD and going straight to the next thing”. One wonders, what IS that “next thing”? You guys know how much I like that idea, ever since it was hyped beforehand the “Revolution┬┤s” unveiling at Tokyo Game Show 2005, and I still firmly believe that it┬┤d take videogaming to the next level: A 3D-visor. Putting you completely into a game┬┤s world, even more immersing than first-person-games. Of course, that┬┤s just one wishful interpretation. But we also have to remember Shigeru Miyamoto┬┤s comment, where he said that he┬┤d love to free games from the TV-screen, bringing them into the room. Again, that leaves room for a lot of wild speculation. Whatever it is, it both these comments show that there IS a wish for something greatly different than just a power-upgrade. ┬áAnd if it really is something more crazy that the Wii Too is going to feature, then a 2012-launch might not be too far off, since it might be a very costly feature at this point.

It is an exciting time in the life of a Nintendo-fan, since there seems to be quite some turmoil in the hardware business. We┬┤ll have to wait for E┬│, Reggie made that clear in his interview with IGN, but at least, Reggie found back to his former strength, when he told Kotaku: “I┬┤d be embarrassed if we did what our competitors are doing at the moment“, regarding Sony┬┤s Playstation Move-controller. Truer words have never been spoken.

Casual vs. Hardcore – What┬┤s next?

January 15, 2009

Just today IGN published a nice…no, wait, i hate political correctness, so let┬┤s restart:┬á Just today IGN published a ridiculous, embarrassing article about the ten things that are destroying the video game industry. One of the points that made me laugh most was “- motion controls”. No further explanation. The second point that made me write this text was “casual games”.

And it reminded me of how ludicrous this nomenclature is. You see, back then i always thought hardcore gamers were those that find out about awsome easter eggs or get the highest highscores. Those that become so good at Guitar Hero that you have to pitty their life (not that i do that). Casual games, meanwhile were all games that, well, casual gamers played. Which was games like GTA3 or popular first person shooters or Gran Turismo. Also called “the mainstream”.

As for me, i can remember three generations of ridicule:

– kiddy vs. mature

– mainstream vs. hardcore

– casual vs. hardcore

What i┬┤m asking is: What is next? If Nintendo presses further into the virtual reality market, i could see the following become reality:

– VR-gamer vs. RL-gamer (Virtual Reality-gamer vs. Real Life-gamer)

And as awful laughable that sounds…it would fit just fine in line with its precedessors. Beware of the crusade of RL-gamer, that praise how games should be played on a TV, while the other group enjoys the newest gaming experience.

PS: While i wonder how IGN can allow such an article to go online, i certainly agree with #9. I cant get immersed when i┬┤m playing a girl. It┬┤s even worse with anime, all good shows have female leads. So, certain mods of a certain board should get the sand out of their vagina instead of banning IGN from the whole board.